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Mavospec Base M521G | Lite M530G from Gossen

Product information "Mavospec Base M521G | Lite M530G from Gossen"

Mavospec Base M521G | Lite M530G - Spectrometer from Gossen

The MAVOSPEC BASE and its "little brother" the MAVOSPEC LITE are perfect for everyday measurements of all conventional and modern light sources such as LEDs or OLEDs. In any lighting situation - from private residential to professional to industrial - compliance with defined values and standards, as well as consideration of quantitative and qualitative requirements, is crucial for the lighting effect achieved. The MAVOSPEC light meters support light planning, find problems in electrical installations and offer simple light measurement and documentation for every user.

All characteristic measured variables such as illuminance, color temperature, color rendering index, etc. are determined from the measured spectrum and displayed in an understandable way on the color display. The operation is user-friendly and intuitive via ring controller and few keys.
Versatile application possibilities and a wide range of use make the MAVOSPEC BASE and MAVSPEC LITE the reliable partner of the lighting specialist for selection, tuning, verification, comparison, evaluation of the light and color quality of different light sources or different manufacturers.

Note: The following calibration certificates for both products are available on request: Factory certificate - H997S

The Mavospec spectrometers in comparison

Measured Quantity / Measuring DeviceMAVOSPEC LITE   MAVOSPEC BASE
Luminance E [lx]xx
Irradiance Ee x
Luminous Efficacy Ratio – LER x
Spectral Power Distribution [mW/m²/nm]xx
Color Coordinates x,y [CIE 1931]xx
Color Coordinates u,v [CIE 1960]xx
Color Coordinates u‘,v‘ [CIE 1976]xx
Correlated Color Temperature [K] – CCTxx
Color Temperature Difference to Planck Duvxx
Color Rendering Index Ra, R1…R14 – CRIxx
Gamut Area Index – GAIxx
Color Rendering IES TM-30 Rf, Rg x
Dominant Wavelength x
Purity x
Flicker Index, %, Frequency, Scope, IEEE 1798 x
Peak Wavelength x
Reference Mode x
PPFD [μmol/m²s], UV, Blue , Green, Red, FR x
ReportExcel TemplateExcel Template
DataloggerExcel TemplateExcel Template
Aluminum Case x

For a detailed comparison of the technical data of Mavospec Base and Mavospec Lite, please refer to the PDF file under downloads.

Unboxing Gossen Mavospec Base (M521G) u. Lite (M530G) - Light spectrometer leaves nothing to be desired

Hint: Open the video directly on YouTube and switch on the subtitle for Englisch.
We show you the Mavospec Base and the Mavospec Lite. Two very variable light meters that allow a wide range of applications. 0:00 Introduction/Intro 0:35 Unboxing with measurement 03:33 Functions of the devices explained using the example M521G (Mavospec Base) 06:36 Presentation of the measured values 11:52 Pros and Cons 13:28 Outro

Spectral power Distribution - measurable with both devices

represents the radiant power of a light source for a wavelength or wavelength band in the visible range. It provides information about the colour characteristics and can be used to compare the colour composition of different light sources. The colour rendering property can also be derived from this, because missing or reduced areas in the spectrum cause errors in colour rendering.

Color rendering index - measurable with both devices

Ra is a measure of the colour rendering properties of lamps whose theoretical maximum value is 100. The higher the colour rendering index, the better the colour rendering properties of the lamp. The most natural colour rendering possible is achieved by using lamps with Ra > 90. Ra is the arithmetic mean of the color deviation of the first 8 of 14 test colors according to DIN 6169, with the color rendering index Re, calculated across all 14 test colors and the additional test color 15 (Asia Skin Color), which also takes saturated colors, leaf greens and skin tones into account. DIN EN 12464 defines the colour rendering properties of lamps for lighting in different types of rooms and activities.

color coordinates - measurable with both devices

are a measure to precisely define a color or the color location belonging to the color in the CIE standard color system. The human eye has sensory cells for the perception of the three primary colours red, green and blue. The spectral eye sensitivity curves were determined by the CIE for the normal observer in 1931 and show the sensitivity for the individual wavelength ranges.

Flicker - only Mavospec Base

refers to changes in the brightness of the light due to voltage fluctuations. The noticability threshold for luminance changes is a frequency-dependent variable that indicates from which relative luminance change at a given frequency this is perceived. These fluctuations have an impact on human health. A good LED driver regulates voltage fluctuations and avoids flicker. The flicker value is a measure of the quality of the lamp or luminaire and should be as low as possible.

Illuminance strength - measurable with both devices

indicates the intensity with which a surface is illuminated. It is one lux if the luminous flux from one lumen illuminates the surface of one square metre evenly. One luxmeter is used to measure illuminance on horizontal and vertical surfaces. However, it does not reflect the impression of brightness of a room, as this depends largely on the reflective properties of the room surfaces. Under normal lighting conditions, no uniform light distribution is usually achieved, which is why specifications in standards usually refer to average illuminance. It is calculated as the weighted arithmetic mean of all illuminances in the room.

Colour temperature - measurable with both devices

is a measure to quantitatively determine the respective colour impression of a light source. The unit of colour temperature is Kelvin (K). In concrete terms, it is the temperature whose light effect is most similar to the colour to be described at the same brightness and under fixed observation conditions.

Color rendering IES TM-30-15  - only with Mavospec Base

is a new IES standard for evaluating the colour rendering of light sources, which works with 99 reference colours distributed over the entire colour space. It therefore includes considerably more colours and shades in the calculation of the Fidelity index Rf, which describes the same relationship as the colour rendering index Ra. The Gamut-Index Rg provides information regarding color saturation and color shift similar to the Gamut-Area-Index GAI of the previous observation of color rendering.

Manufacturer "GOSSEN Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH"

The company Gossen Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik GmbH was founded in 1997. Today Gossen is one of the leading manufacturers of precision measurement technology escpecially in lighting measurement.

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Overview technical Data

Ausführlicher Vergleich der technischen Daten von Mavospec Base und Lite

Gossen Mavospec Lite M530G

Operating Instructions and Datasheet

Gossen Mavospec Base M521G

Operating Instructions and Datasheet

Katalog Mavospec Lite

Applications and Datasheet

Katalog Mavospec Base

Applications and Datasheet

Metrics about Horticulture Lighting PPFD

about horticulture measuring like PPFD values

Photometry Compendium
To download folder from Gossen

Further actual files and data directly from Gossen: Templates, Update, SDK-Kit, CE Declaration

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