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Meanwell ELG Series

The Meanwell ELG series has a wide range of features that make it one of the most versatile power supply series on the market. Some of the key features include high output current, high efficiency, wide input voltage band, wide temperature range and adjustable output current. In addition, Mean Well ELG transformers are designed for long life. This means that they are able to deliver high power with a lower failure rate. This makes them one of the most reliable power supply series on the market.

Unlike many other power supplies, the ELG series has built-in Active PFC (Power Factor Control) and an EMI filter, making them an ideal choice for high-end applications.

Meanwell ELG Series vs. HLG Series

The Mean Well ELG and HLG series are both easy-to-install AC/DC power supplies that guarantee the highest efficiency and reliability. The difference between the two series is mainly in their performance.

The ELG power supplies offer power from 50W to 300W, while the HLG power supplies offer power from 60W to 600W. In addition, ELG series usually offers wider input voltage and output voltage regulation than HLG series. ELG power supplies offer input voltage from 100 to 305VAC, while HLG power supplies offer input voltage from 90 to 305VAC.

Operating modes of Meanwell ELG transformers

The well-known and proven Meanwell ELG power supplies can be adjusted, or dimmed, in a variety of different ways. The specific product features of the individual variants are described in detail in our online store under the respective article.

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