Meanwell ELG-150 Power Supply

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  • ELG-150-12-A-3Y
  • ELG-150-12A-3Y
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Meanwell ELG-150-xx"Type" The Meanwell power supply ELG-150 Series includes a constant... more

Meanwell ELG-150-xx"Type"

The Meanwell power supply ELG-150 Series includes a constant voltage source as well as a constant current source.
It has an output power of 150 watts and output voltages from 12V to 54V so that various LED applications such as road-, indoor-, and architectural- lighting can be realized.
With its metal housing and IP65 / IP67 the use for indoor and outdoor applications in the temperature ranges from -40 ° C to 85 ° C is possible.
Depending on the type the connected LED illumination can be dimmed via 0-10V, PWM signal, potentiometer or DALI interface.

ELG150 features (depends on type):

  • 5 Years warranty
  • Universal input voltage from 100V up to 305V AC
  • High efficiency up to 90%
  • Built-in active PFC function
  • Protections: over -/load, -/voltage, -/temperature
  • Type "?HL?" for use in Class I, Division 2hazardous (Classified) location
  • IP65/IP67 for indoor or outdoor installations
  • Standby power consumption < 0.5W
  • Compliance to worldwide safety regulations for lighting
Type designation ELG 150 series

Performance ELG-150 Typ -xx"-"(Blank):

  • Current and voltage output fixed
  • IP67 protection. For indoor -and outdoor applications

Performance ELG-150 Typ -xx"A":

  • Output voltage and current level adjustable through built-in-potentiometer
  • IP65 design for indoor or outdoor installations
  • be adjusted through internal potential meter

Performance ELG-150 Typ -xx"B":

  • Constant current control regulation about 1-10V or PWM entrance, as well as external potentiometer
  • IP67 protection. For indoor -and outdoor applications

Performance ELG-150 Typ -xx"DA":

  • Lightning control via DALI interface
  • IP67 protection. For indoor -and outdoor applications

Technical data Meanwell ELG-150 Power Supply:

Input 100 - 305 VAC  / 142 - 431 VDC 47 - 63 Hz
Output Depending on type, see data sheet
Rated Power 84 - 151,2 W (voltage depending, see datasheet)
Series ELG
Typical lifetime > 50.000 h
Dimensions (LxWxH) 219mm x 63mm x 35,5mm

For further technical data, please refer to the data sheet (in tab "DOWNLOADS").
On request, we also offer type and voltage ranges.

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ELG power supply 150W Constant voltage and constant current source, dimmable via 0-10V, PWM... more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Constant Voltage: 12V, 24V
Application/IP-Code: IP65/67 (Outdoor)
Power: 100W, 120W, 150W
Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, DALI, PWM
Datasheet Meanwell ELG-150
Meanwell Installation Manual
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