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DALI control module with 1-4 switching inputs for 230V (L) Each switching input can be... more

DALI control module with 1-4 switching inputs for 230V (L)

Each switching input can be assigned an effective range, switching behavior and DALI commands. In addition to the standard functions such as dimming, switching, scene recall, etc., predefined macros such as color temperature control, dynamic scenes, sequences and user-defined command lists are also supported. The compact control module can be inserted in the flush-mounted box behind the switch.


  • DALI(-2) control unit with switching input (MC1L) or 4 switching inputs (MC4L) for mains voltage.
  • The function can be configured for each switching input (MC4L)
  • 4 potentiometers - buttons that by pushing and turning adjust the settings (on/off and dimming) manually on the module (POTI)
  • Each input can be assigned an effective range, switching functions and DALI command(s) (MC4L)
  • DALI DT8 support for controlling the color temperature of luminaires using corresponding macros (MC4L)
  • Configurable “Power Up” Function (MC4L)
  • The module can work as an application controller or as a digital input instance, which only sends information about the status of the input (according to IEC62386-301) (MC1L; POTI)
  • Application Controller: direct control of DALI devices - effective range, switching behavior and DALI commands can be defined (MC1L, DALI-2 MC4L)
  • In addition to the standard DALI commands, the application controller also enables DALI DT8 TC and RGB(W) control (DALI-2 MC4L)
  • Easy integration with four DALI-2 pushbutton instances (DALI-2 MC4L)
  • NFC variant for easy, contactless configuration with LUNATONE NFC smartphone app (DALI-2 NFC)
  • DALI-2 control unit according to IEC62386-103 (DALI-2 MC4L)
  • Galvanic isolation between switching input and DALI interface
  • DALI DT8 support for controlling the color temperature of luminaires using appropriate macros
  • configurable “power-up” behavior
  • The configuration is done using the DALI Cockpit and an interface module (e.g. DALI USB)
  • Multi-master capable, several modules can be used on the same bus
  • Suitable for installation in protection class II devices or box installation







Article number 86458507-1L 86458507-4L86458507 -4L



86458507-4L-NFC 86458507-4L-POTI
Note On switch signal
--> A DALI command
4 x L input
--> 4 different DALI commands
App controller enabled Instances enabled Configurable via NFC
(Lunatone app)
4 potentiometers for adjusting the light level
Electrical data  
Supply from DALI bus
typ. Power Consumption 3.5mA (DALI) 3.5mA (DALI)   2.6mA (DALI) 1,7mA (DALI)
Input 1 switching input "L" 4 switching inputs for "L"    Switch inputs for "L" 4 switch inputs for "L"
Output DALI DALI   DALI, DALI-2, Multimaster DALI, DALI-2, MultimasterDALI, DALI-2, Multimaster
Ambient temperature -20°C … +75°C
Protection class IP20
Connection wires cross-section Socket installation with spring clamp for 0.5 … 1.5 mm2 (AWG 20 … AWG 16),
DIN rail with screw terminal for 0.5 … 2.5 mm2 (AWG20 …AWG14)
Dimensions (LxWxH) see figures or data sheet
Case Type Socket installation socket installation or DIN rail   socket installation or DIN rail socket Installation or DIN rail



For more information, please refer to the respective data sheets in the download tab




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DALI control module with four programmable switching inputs for mains voltage . more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Dimmable/Control: DALI, DALI DT8
Data sheet DALI MC4L
-4L for up to four HV-Inputs
Datasheet DALI MC1L
-1L für one 230V Input-Switch
Datasheet MC-4L-2-NFC/App/Int
-4L-app/-4L-ins. 4 inputs, DALI-2 ready
Datasheet DALI-2 MC4L POTI
-4L-POTI Application Controller aktive
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22 Oct 2020

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