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DALI MC / DALI-2 MC Multi Control control module 86459532 with 1 to 4 programmable,... more

DALI MC / DALI-2 MC Multi Control control module 86459532 with 1 to 4 programmable, potential-free inputs

The DALI MC (+) from Lunatone is a & nbsp; push button coupler / interface for connecting four conventional switches or buttons.
Now also the versions for DALI-2.

Various DALI commands can be assigned to each input via PC software: dim up, dim down, off, recall min., Recall max., Goto scene 1-16, direct arcpower ...%, mask and predefined macros.
The compact DALI-2 MC / DALI MC + can be inserted into the flush-mounted box behind the switch, turning a standard light switch or button into a DALI control device.

The compact device can be inserted into the flush-mounted box behind the switch. In addition to the configuration via the DALI Cockpit PC software, selected settings can also be made using an NFC-enabled smartphone and the Lunatone NFC app.

Features DALI MC (in phase out):

  • Compact control module with four freely programmable switching inputs or analog inputs (MC +) for mains voltage
  • A maximum of 2 functions can be assigned to each input, depending on the switching behavior (short or long button press, toggle, edge-controlled relay mode)
  • connection a 100KOhm potentiometer (MC + only)
  • The following functions are available:
    • dim up,
    • dim down,
    • recall min, max
    • got scene 1-16
    • direct arcpower in%
    • and both predefined and self-configurable macros
  • Control of the color temperature (DT8) with Step Cooler, Step Warmer commands (MC + only)
  • With analog inputs, the input signal is converted directly into a DALI dimming level. The conversion can be initiated periodically or by a trigger (MC + only).
  • Possibility of a configurable power-up function, i.e. automatic sending of an adjustable command after a voltage interruption
  • Configuration via DALI-Cockpit and DALI-USB interface (also DALI-PS required)
  • Possibility of addressing individual addresses (1-64), groups (1-16), and broadcast multi-master capability, several modules can be installed in a DALI circuit
  • Use with default setting for dimming and switching applications without additional configuration possible
  • The module can be inserted in a flush-mounted box directly behind a light button
  • The module is supplied directly via the DALI line and does not have to be connected to the network
  • The buttons are connected directly to the module (potential-free closing contacts) (MC)
  • DALI MC + with alternatively also an analog input. Connection of 100kOhm potentiometer possible.

Features for DALI-2 MC

  • Compact DALI-2 control module with 4 potential-free inputs
  • Multi-master capable. Several modules can be installed in a DALI circuit and / or a DALI group.
  • Individual DALI commands can be assigned to each input
  • Integrated DALI-2 application controller
  • Simple integration through four DALI-2 pushbutton instances
  • In addition to the standard DALI commands, the application controller also enables DALI DT8 TC and RGB (W) control
  • Supports short button press, long button press (with repetition for dimming) and Toggle
  • In addition to buttons, also suitable for switches.
  • New: Alternative button function, each of the inputs can also be assigned a second function, which can be activated / deactivated via a scene command on the DALI bus or via a switch on input 4. In this way, for example, the partition wall problem can be solved.
  • Sequences, macros and other functions are available in the application controller.
  • Simple configuration via LUNATONE DALI USB interface and DALI cockpit software tool.
  • New: NFC variant for simple, contactless configuration with LUNATONE NFC smartphone app
  • Easy installation: the device can be placed in a flush-mounted box and is supplied via the DALI bus
  • DALI-2 control unit according to IEC62386-103.

Technical data for DALI-2 MC:

Type DALI-2 MC DALI-2 MC integration DALI-2 MC NFC
Article number 86459532-2-app 86459532-2-int 86459532-NFC
GTIN GTIN 9010342013492 GTIN 9010342012730
Delivery status App-Controller App-Controller App-Controller activated Instances activated App-Controller App-Controller activated
Note The application controller leads to direct DALI control commands, which are executed immediately by the DALI drivers. (see MC +) The DALI-2 instances generate event messages that are interpreted and processed by higher-level control units (WAGO, Beckhoff, LUNATONE DALI-2 KNX gateway). The DALI-2 MC NFC includes a nearfield communication interface. This means that the configuration can be carried out not only with the DALI Cockpit software, but also via this NFC interface with a smartphone app.
DALI interface, supply:  
Type of exit DALI, DALI-2, Multimaster
Identification of terminals DA, DA
Voltage range 9.5V - 22.5Vdc according to IEC62386
typ. Current consumption DALI (16.5V) 1.7 mA
max. Current consumption DALI (22.5V) 2 mA
DALI addresses none
DALI-2 addresses one
inputs & nbsp;  
Entrances for Potential-free buttons / switches
Number of inputs 4
Identification of input terminals T1, T2, T3, T4, COM
Control pulse length min. 40ms
Control pulse length long button press adjustable from 200-5100ms
Max cable length button inputs 50cm
General data: & nbsp;  
Dimensions 40mm x 28mm x 15mm
Assembly Installation installation box, installation in protection class II devices
max. Rated temperature tc 75 ° C
Expected lifetime 200,000h
Protection class SKII if installed as intended
Protection type housing IP40
Protection class terminals IP20

For further information (also DALI MC +) please refer to the data sheets in the download tab.

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Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Dimmable/Control: DALI, DALI2, DALI DT8
Lamp shape: Socket installation
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30 Nov 2022

Sehr gutes Produkt! Sitzt bei mir zuhause hinter *jedem* Lichtschalter!

22 Jan 2021

16 Sep 2020

Gutes Produkt

Funktioniert so wie es soll und wie in der Anleitung beschrieben. Preis Leistung sehr gut. Kann ich nur empfehlen!

15 Apr 2020


Tolles Produkt, sehr gutes Preis- Leistungsverhältnis.
kann ich nur weiterempfehlen.

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