DALI-2 4 inch Display

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DALI-2 display 4 inches The capacitive 4-inch display with 24-bit color depth (plus), also... more

DALI-2 display 4 inches

The capacitive 4-inch display with 24-bit color depth (plus), also controls and controls a DALI system The display can become the widgets. Available Options include dimming and switching groups and individual addresses, RGB color light management, and color temperature control.DALI, USBmini and WLAN are available as interfaces.

It is also possible to measure:
  • Temperature
  • Air pressure
  • Air quality

Version display-4 Plus

The plus version allows additional functions:
  • Supports commissioning and readdressing of the devices on the DALI bus
  • Found devices te k & ouml; can be grouped. Tasks of groups
  • Scene creation, storage of light parameters
  • Measurement and visualization of temperature, air quality, air pressure, humidity
  • Blind controll
For a detailed description, please refer to the data sheet. With the standard version this is DALI-USB-Interface and the software DALI-Cockpit Independent.

Installation of the Lunatone 86456841

  • The DALI2 display is managed directly by the DALI bus. A DALI bus voltage supply is done.
  • The device t required needs an additional additional 24V consequences, which are to be applied to the r government terminal rights will.´
  • The connection to the DALI terminals can be made regardless of the polarity.The bus input is against mains voltage
  • The wiring is intended as a permanent installation in a dry and clean environment.
  • The installation may only be carried out when the system is in a voltage-related state and by specialist personnel. be heard. National regulations for the construction of electrical systems must be observed.
  • The DALI lines are made with standard low-voltage installation material.
  • There may only be 1 conductor per terminal. When using double wire end loosen the connection capacity on the clamp.


Technical data
Ambient temperature  -10°C bis +50°C-10°C bis +50°C-10 C till + 50 C
Protection class IP20
Connections 1.5 mm 2 or less
Assembly an installation dose
Device Type operating device
Multimaster Yes
Interfaces DALI, USB mini
Electrical data
Supply voltage display 24-56 V DC
Energy demand display 3W
Lenght 88 mm
Width 88 mm
Height 8.5 mm
Color white

For a detailed description, please refer to the data sheet.

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Kapazitive 4? Display mit 24 bit Farbtiefe zur universellen Steuerung von DALI-2 Systemen incl.... more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Power: 1 - 5 W
Dimmable/Control: DALI2
Datasheet for the 4 inch DALI-2 Display
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