DALI LED Power Supply CW-WW (DT8)

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DALI LED Power Supply with DALI control input for Tunable White Output with safe isolation... more

DALI LED Power Supply with DALI control input for Tunable White

Output with safe isolation from mains and DALI, independent control of brightness and colour temperature (DT8). The device supports the operating modes Balance & Dim, Dim2Warm and SwitchDim2.

Product features:

  • DALI LED Power Supply for the control of tunable white luminaires
  • Types for constant voltage and constant current LED-modules available
  • Operating Mode DT8: one DALI-address for the independent control of light level and colour temperature (DALI DT8, Colour Type Tc)
  • Operating Mode Balance&Dim:control by 2 DALI-addresses, one for adjusting the light level and one for adjusting the channel balance (e.g. colour temperature)
  • Operating Mode Dim2Warm: one DALI-address for simultaneous adjustment of light level and colour temperature
  • SwitchDim2: 2 switch-inputs offer control of level and colour without DALI
  • Dimming range 0 0.1%-100%
  • Adjustable PWM-frequency (122Hz/244Hz/488Hz/976Hz)
  • Supply voltage 230V AC
  • CV-Type: output 24V PWM (max. 1A) or 36V PWM (max. 700mA)
  • CC-Type: output currents of up to 1100mA
  • Configuration via PC-software DALI-Cockpit and DALI USB-interface
  • Overtemperature shutdown, integrated short circuit protection
  • User-friendly factory default settings


Constant voltage (CV)

Type: DALI 24V LED Power Supply CV DT8
Article number 89453849-CWW-24V / 89453849-CWW-36V
Electrical data:
Supply voltage 220-240V AC / 50-60Hz, Iin=0.12A, power factor > 0.95 inrush current < 0.2A
Output 24V+- 0,5V PWM / 36+- 0,5V PWM
Max. output current 1A / 700mA
Control input DALI or SwitchDim2
Current DALI 2mA
Number of DALI addresses

operating mode DT8, Dim2Warm: 1

operating mode Balance&Dim: 2

Constant current (CC)

Type DALI LED Power Supply CC DT8
Article number 89453849-CWW-XXX 350 500 700 800 1150
Electrical data:
Output current 350mA 500mA 700mA 800mA 1100mA
Output voltage range 12-44V 12-36V 12-32V 12-28V 12-16V
Control input DALI
Current consumption DALI 2mA
Number of DALI addresses

operating mode DT8, Dim2Warm: 1

operating mode Balance&Dim: 2

Technical data:
Power on behaviour configurable via DALI: 0%-100% or last value
Storage/transportation temp. -20°C ... +75°C
Ambient temperature -20°C ... +45°C
Expected lifetime (at tc<=65°C) >50000h
Protection class IP20
Connecting wire cross section 1.5 mm2
Dimensions (LxWxH) 120mmx41mmx22mm
Mounting/housing remote ceiling / integration in luminaires

RECOMMENDATION: During installation, care should be taken to keep the cable lengths between LED power supply and LED lights (LED strings) as short as possible to minimize the effects of voltage drops.

For more information on this product, please refer to the data sheet.
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DALI LED Power Supply (DT8) for independent control of light level and colour temperature of... more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Constant Voltage: 24V
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Dimmable/Control: DALI, DALI DT8
Color Temperature/Color: Tuneable White
Constant Current: 0,5A, 0,7A, 0,8A, 0,35A, 1,0A
Power: 5 - 20 W, 20 - 50 W
Data sheet DALI LED Power Supply CWW-WW CV
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