IEC 62386 to PWM Controller LW07 Modul

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IEC 62386 to PWM Controller LW07 The IEC 62386 delivers a PWM signal, in example to... more

IEC 62386 to PWM Controller LW07

The IEC 62386 delivers a PWM signal, in example to control and dim with a LED driver. 
In addition the complete IEC 62386 protocol available is for one LED lamp.

  • Complete IEC 62386 protocol for one LED engine
  • PWM output with 730Hz
  • PWM range of 0.1% to 100%
  • 5,5V to 40V DC input
  • Logarithmic and linear dimming curves
  • According and linear dimming curves
  • According to DIN EN 62386-101 / -102 / -207
  • Ready to use module

There are two versions of LW07 modul:

-01 modul:

IEC 62386  provides a positive and negative PWM signal, available
to control LED driver. All connectors are equipped with clamps.
(LEDs can not be operated directly with the LED Warrior07-01 MOD, it needs 

-02 modul:

To control LED modules directly, like -Strips and lamps working with constant voltage.
Output up to 4A and separate grounding.

Technical data of IEC 62386 to PWM Controller LW07:

Input voltage 5,5V - 40V DC
Input current max. 25mA
DALI Input voltage max. 24V
Output up to 4A (LW07-02)
PWM Pull Up Resistor 4k7O (LW07-01)
Operating temperature -40°C up to 85°C
Storage temperature -55°C up to 100°C
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