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LED Driver LW04 Starter Kit IEC 62386 DMX and I2C

Product information "LED Driver LW04 Starter Kit IEC 62386 DMX and I2C"

Starter Kit I2C - LED Driver LW04

The three-part starter kit consists of an I2C programmable LW04-MOD LED driver, a IEC 62386* bus interface
for LW04 (LW04DI-MOD)  and an USB to I2C-Dongle (IOW24-DG) to program the LW04.

A starter kit like this one may assign to your lights next to the external control via IEC 62386* or DMX 512 also
an autonomous function for light scene control.

LW04-MOD LED driver programmable:
LED driver with 4 programmable constant current inputs (80mA-1A). IEC 62386*, DMX and I2C interface. 25W output
power per channel. For additional information, please refer to LED driver LW04-MOD product page (Link)

IEC 62386* bus interface LW04:
IEC 62386* module (IEC 62386* bus driver)

USB to I2C-Dongle:
I2C USB dongle with 3,3V and 5V allows an application-specific wiring by solder pads for I2C signals.

  • I2C-Master with 100 kHz
  • Increase data capacity up to 750 Bytes/s
  • Operating with standard system drivers based on IO Warrior24
  • Fully compatible with IO-Warrior software and development tools
  • Case size for standard conforming USB plug (no blocked ports)

For more information, please refer to data sheet:

Data sheet USB Dongle (PDF) download

Guide LW04-MOD LED driver (PDF) download

IEC 62386 (=DALI Standard)

Properties "LED Driver LW04 Starter Kit IEC 62386 DMX and I2C"
·Dimmable/Control: DALI, DMX
Manufacturer "Code Mercenaries Hard- und Software GmbH"

Since 2008 Code Mercenaries develops and manufactures products for LED Lighting.
LED applications can be programmed and controlled by using modern LED dimming technologies such as IEC 62386, DMX, I2C or (Spread Spectrum-) PWM.

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