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Photonfy pocket size spectrometer

Product information "Photonfy pocket size spectrometer"

Photonfy - Pocket Size Spectrometer to analyze all lighting parameters

Photonfy is the most advanced handheld spectrometer from LEDMOTIVE to analyze and record any light spectra in the visible range, showing flickering, CCT, CRI and dozens more parameters related to it. Moreover, it is prepared to be connected with our Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem of spectrally tunable light sources.
Enjoy your moments, record any light spectra at any time, and share it in the Cloud. With this Bluetooth portable spectrometer, it’s easy!
Make static measurements or explore with spectral sequences.
LEDMOTIVE are passionate about spectral fidelity and photonfy is the perfect solution to capture, share and analyze spectral lighting parameters directly on your smartphone.
photonfy is a flexible device that includes an internal compact and versatile ultracompact spectrometer head integrating MEMS sensor technology.
photonfy is light and compact. It has a casual good look, soft, and comfortable design. It includes a neck holder and neoprene sleeve to facilitate easy carrying and an insert to fit a camera tripod.

Applications of this pocket size spectrometer:

  • Color measurements
  • IoT Lighting networks
  • Quality lighting inspection for health, horticulture or artwork ?
  • Photography and Film makers
  • Flickering measurements
  • Artificial light meter/analyzer
  • Natural light recorder
  • Instant spectral copy-paste or real-time spectral streaming

For more Facts, just download the measure results

System requirements

  • Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.
  • 5V USB charger.
  • Internet connectivity for a better cloud experience.
  • Free Photonfy APP for Android.

Package content

  • Handheld spectrometer.
  • USB to micro-USB cable.
  • Neck holder.
  • Soft pouch.
  • Quick and user guide.
  • Warranty card.
  • Free Photonfy APP for Android.

Technical Specification of Photonfy from LEDmotion

Absolute maximum ratings
Voltage operation4,55,5V
Battery capacity500550mAh
Operating conditions
Nominal voltage operation4,555,5V
Power operation450500550mW
Battery charge current80100200mA
Temperature range5-50ºC
Spectral range380-780nm
Spectral resolution 12 nm
wavelength accuracy * +/- 1 nm
Integration time5-5000ms
Illuminance range10-55000 
Illuminance accuracy ±10* %
x,y Color accuracy CIE 1931 ± 0.0025* %
CCT accuracy ±3 %
CRI (Ra) accuracy ±1  %
Measurement mode Single, continuous, subtract
Flicker Frequency Range2-100Hz
Wavelength temperature
 -0.1 / + 0.1 nm  ºC

*(assumes stable input light source and beam normal incidence, not cosine-corrected)

Mechanical Specifications

  • Dimensions (mm): 92.8 (H) x 38.2 (W) x 20.5 mm (D)
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Screw thread adapter for tripod: Standard 1/4"-20 UNC Thread size

Communication Specifications


Properties "Photonfy pocket size spectrometer"
·Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Manufacturer "LEDMOTIVE"



We are pioneers of light with our unique technological spectral control. Our aim is to set a benchmark in the market where light represents a high added value. At the same time, we want to play a transformative role, laying the groundwork to a new boundless digital lighting, focusing on people, their needs, emotions, health and at the same time being respectful with the environment.




We are a high tech company with international projection. We create light of a very high quality. It’s adjustable, versatile, reproducible, dynamic, connected to the digital world, energy efficient and sustainable. We bet on light as a mean to improve the quality of people’s life. Our key pillars are: innovation, development, protection of intellectual property related to spectral control and integration across different technological platforms. We believe in ideas argued under the strictest scientific principles and the effort behind them to make it happen.




It is our firm believe that passive lighting, as we know it, will move forward to smart solutions with spectral control. Those solutions will be respectful with the human being, environmental friendly and naturally integrated with the smart cities of the future. We believe in responsible, multidisciplinary and committed teams sharing the same vision. At Ledmotive we like ambitious goals and projects and we are open to co-operate with those who share our values.

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From: Rudolf

2 December 2021 05:25


Exzellentes Produkt, kann alles was ich benötige Prompte Lieferung Voll zufrieden

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