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Photonfy pocket size spectrometer

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Photonfy - Pocket Size Spectrometer to analyze all lighting parameters Photonfy is the most... more

Photonfy - Pocket Size Spectrometer to analyze all lighting parameters

Photonfy is the most advanced handheld spectrometer from LEDMOTIVE to analyze and record any light spectra in the visible range, showing flickering, CCT, CRI and dozens more parameters related to it. Moreover, it is prepared to be connected with our Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem of spectrally tunable light sources.
Enjoy your moments, record any light spectra at any time, and share it in the Cloud. With this Bluetooth portable spectrometer, it’s easy!
Make static measurements or explore with spectral sequences.
LEDMOTIVE are passionate about spectral fidelity and photonfy is the perfect solution to capture, share and analyze spectral lighting parameters directly on your smartphone.
photonfy is a flexible device that includes an internal compact and versatile ultracompact spectrometer head integrating MEMS sensor technology.
photonfy is light and compact. It has a casual good look, soft, and comfortable design. It includes a neck holder and neoprene sleeve to facilitate easy carrying and an insert to fit a camera tripod.

Applications of this pocket size spectrometer:

  • Color measurements
  • IoT Lighting networks
  • Quality lighting inspection for health, horticulture or artwork ?
  • Photography and Film makers
  • Flickering measurements
  • Artificial light meter/analyzer
  • Natural light recorder
  • Instant spectral copy-paste or real-time spectral streaming

For more Facts, just download the measure results

System requirements

  • Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.
  • 5V USB charger.
  • Internet connectivity for a better cloud experience.
  • Free Photonfy APP for Android.

Package content

  • Handheld spectrometer.
  • USB to micro-USB cable.
  • Neck holder.
  • Soft pouch.
  • Quick and user guide.
  • Warranty card.
  • Free Photonfy APP for Android.

Technical Specification of Photonfy from LEDmotion

Absolute maximum ratings
Voltage operation 4,5 5,5 V
Battery capacity 500 550 mAh
Operating conditions
Nominal voltage operation 4,5 5 5,5 V
Power operation 450 500 550 mW
Battery charge current 80 100 200 mA
Temperature range 5 - 50 ºC
Spectral range 380 - 780 nm
Spectral resolution   12   nm
wavelength accuracy *   +/- 1   nm
Integration time 5 - 5000 ms
Illuminance range 10 - 55000  
Illuminance accuracy   ±10*   %
x,y Color accuracy CIE 1931   ± 0.0025*   %
CCT accuracy   ±3   %
CRI (Ra) accuracy   ±1    %
Measurement mode   Single, continuous, subtract
Flicker Frequency Range 2 - 100 Hz
Wavelength temperature
  -0.1 / + 0.1 nm    ºC

*(assumes stable input light source and beam normal incidence, not cosine-corrected)

Mechanical Specifications

  • Dimensions (mm): 92.8 (H) x 38.2 (W) x 20.5 mm (D)
  • Weight: 55 g
  • Screw thread adapter for tripod: Standard 1/4"-20 UNC Thread size

Communication Specifications


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