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TCI Pro Flat 40

Product information "TCI Pro Flat 40"

Pro Flat 40 driver from TCI

The TCI Pro Flat 40 is a flat, electronic driver for constant current, whose values can be set via dip switches.

Features of the driver (127574/127575)

  • Multipower driver supplied with dip-switch for the selection of the output current.
  • Driver for built-in us (PRO-FLAT-BI)
  • It can be used for lighting equipment in protection class I and II (PRO-FLAT-BI)
  • Active Power Factor Corrector (PF=0,95)
  • Current regulation ±5 % including temperature variation
  • Input and output terminal blocks on opposite sides (wire cross-section up to 1,5 mm2 / AWG15)
  • Clamping screws on primary and secondary circuits for cables with diameter: min. 3 mm - max. 10 mm (PRO FLAT)
  • Protections:
    • against overheating and short circuits
    • against mains voltage spikes
    • against overloads
  • Thermal protection = C.5.a.
  • Available in IP20 housing or as built-in version
  • Very good efficiency (>90%)

Constant CurrentDiff
Ripple Free ENEC

Dip-SWPowerVoltage out Current out
Position 113 W15...44V300 mA const.
Position 215 W15...44V350 mA const.
Position 318 W13...44V400 mA const.
Position 420 W11...44V450 mA const.
Position 522 W10...44V500 mA const.
Position 624 W9...43V550 mA const.
Position 727 W8...43V600 mA const.
Position 829 W 8...43V650 mA const.
Position 931 W7...43V700 mA const.
Position 1032 W6...42V750 mA const.
Position 1133 W6...42V800 mA const.
Position 1235 W6...42V850 mA const.
Position 1338 W6...42V900 mA const.
Position 1440W6...42V950 mA const.
Position 1540 W5...40V1000 mA const.
Position 1640 W5...38V1050 mA const.


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TCI Garantie

Properties "TCI Pro Flat 40"
·Power range: 5 - 20 W, 20 - 50 W
·Constant Current: 0,3A, 0,35A, 0,4A, 0,45A, 0,5A, 0,55A, 0,6A, 0,65A, 0,7A, 0,75A, 0,8A, 0,85A, 0,9A, 0,95A, 1,0A, 1,05A


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For more than 10 years we have been offering more than 100 products from the manufacturer in Saronno/Italy (TCI IT) for Germany and Europe.

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