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Pro Flat 40 driver from TCI The TCI Pro Flat 40 is a flat, electronic driver for constant... more

Pro Flat 40 driver from TCI

The TCI Pro Flat 40 is a flat, electronic driver for constant current, which can be controlled via a button (push-switch button). Many currents can be set via dip switches. A slot for screws can be used to secure the driver.

Features of the driver (127574/127575)

  • Multipower driver supplied with dip-switch for the selection of the output current.
  • Driver for built-in us (PRO-FLAT-BI)
  • It can be used for lighting equipment in protection class I and II (PRO-FLAT-BI)
  • Active Power Factor Corrector (PF=0,95)
  • Current regulation ±5 % including temperature variation
  • Input and output terminal blocks on opposite sides (wire cross-section up to 1,5 mm2 / AWG15)
  • Clamping screws on primary and secondary circuits for cables with diameter: min. 3 mm - max. 10 mm (PRO FLAT)
  • Protections:
    • against overheating and short circuits
    • against mains voltage spikes
    • against overloads
  • Thermal protection = C.5.a.
  • Available in IP20 housing or as built-in version
  • Very good efficiency (>90%)

Constant CurrentDiff
Ripple Free ENEC

Dip-SW Power Voltage out
Current out
Position 1 13 W 15...44V 300 mA const.
Position 2 15 W 15...44V 350 mA const.
Position 3 18 W 13...44V 400 mA const.
Position 4 20 W 11...44V 450 mA const.
Position 5 22 W 10...44V 500 mA const.
Position 6 24 W 9...43V 550 mA const.
Position 7 27 W 8...43V 600 mA const.
Position 8 29 W  8...43V 650 mA const.
Position 9 31 W 7...43V 700 mA const.
Position 10 32 W 6...42V 750 mA const.
Position 11 33 W 6...42V 800 mA const.
Position 12 35 W 6...42V 850 mA const.
Position 13 38 W 6...42V 900 mA const.
Position 14 40W 6...42V 950 mA const.
Position 15 40 W 5...40V 1000 mA const.
Position 16 40 W 5...38V 1050 mA const.


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Flat constant current driver with 40W power at currents from 300mA to 1050mA. Built-in version more
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Constant Current: 0,3A, 0,4A, 0,5A, 0,6A, 0,7A, 0,8A, 0,9A, 0,35A, 0,45A, 0,55A, 0,65A, 0,75A, 0,85A, 0,95A, 1,0A, 1,05A
Power: 5 - 20 W, 20 - 50 W
Dimmable/Control: Push-Button
Data sheet Pro Flat 40
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