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ZadPad - Flicker Meter (SVM, PstLM, IEEE1789)

Product information "ZadPad - Flicker Meter (SVM, PstLM, IEEE1789)"

ZadPad- handheld flicker meter with touch display for SVM, PstLM and much more.

Flicker measurement of light is becoming increasingly important. Especially because light flickering can have negative effects on humans and animals (animal husbandry). And it is especially due to LED technology that this topic is increasingly moving into the focus of attention. Corresponding standards have been and are still being developed (IEEE1789 for the USA, and CIE is also working diligently on limit values and calculation methods).

While flicker%, flicker index and flicker frequency were previously known parameters in the time domain, the new calculation methods (e.g. SVM) require evaluations and representations in the frequency domain.

Now available: The all-rounder can do more than just flicker%, IEEE1789 and SVM

Currently there are several parallel evaluation methods such as flicker%, IEEE 1789, PstLM or SVM and more complex evaluation methods are expected in the future.

The ZadPad is a handheld measuring device for a wide variety of measurement variables depending on the attached sensor. The measurement signals from the sensor can be analyzed in an oscilloscope display or as a frequency spectrum. This information can be stored on the internal USB drive.

The sensor responsible for flicker measurement has a V(Lambda) sensitivity, the measured values can be evaluated according to PstLM, SVM, Flicker%, Flicker Index and much more.

High accuracy due to high sampling rate

The Zadpad achieves high measuring accuracy by using a V(lambda) photodiode in connection with a sampling rate of up to 1.8 MHz with 16 bit resolution. This means that dimmed light can be detected even with a high PWM frequency.
This high measurement accuracy also makes the ZadPad ideal for measurements in the laboratory and development and is indispensable for manufacturers of lamps / lights and LED control gear.

Overview of characteristics of Zadpad (ZPad)

  • 4.3 "touch display, direct access to the most important functions
  • High measuring accuracy through 16 bit AD converter
  • Up to 1.6 MHz sampling rate, up to 8 measuring channels
  • Optical sensor with spectral sensitivity according to V (Lambda)
  • Evaluation procedure for flicker such as PstLM, SVM, Flicker%, Flicker Index or IEEE 1789
  • Additional sensors for IR, UV measurement, electromagnetic fields EMF, automatic sensor recognition
  • Representation of the measurement signals in oscilloscope form and as a frequency spectrum
  • Integrated data logger and automatic creation of measurement reports
  • Data is stored on an integrated USB mass storage device
  • Dimensions 154 x 96 x 34 mm

Please refer to the data sheet for more Information. (English coming soon)
Note: If you are interested, please contact us. There is the possibility of discount on pre-orders.

FAQs about the product:

(Here we collect questions from customers about this new product and provide general answers (in italics) from the manufacturer. Will be updated continuously. As of Nov 2023)
1.Can the measuring device be connected to the PC using the USB cable and is there appropriate control software?
--> "The ZadPad is a MassStorage USB device, so it behaves like a USB storage medium. It therefore does not require any driver installations. Remote control via a batch file located on this drive is provided."

2. Does this create a stationary measuring system with which individual evaluations and protocols are possible?
--> "Measurement data and protocols are stored as a CVS file on the USB drive and can be further processed as desired, e.g. with a logo.
e.g. via a PC app that reads the data and creates a report. Currently only file access is available."

3.Can your own company logo be integrated into the automatically generated protocols?
--> "Only if necessary in conjunction with the solution from answer 2. Currently no."

4. According to which standards are the TLA determined:
a) SVM: The basis for the SVM calculation is the standard IEC TR 63158 2018-03
b) PST: The ZadPad complies with IEC TR61547  2020-07. The difference to the previous version 2017 relates to how the measurement is carried out, for example with dimmable lamps; this has no influence on the calculation of the values.
5.What is the battery life?
--> The battery life is approx. 10 hours with 50% display brightness

6.Are other probes already available?
--> A UV probe (220...365nm) is already available upon request

7.Are there also other extension cables?
--> Currently it is delivered with a length of 80cm. A 2m long cable is also available as an option (item no. 125).
Please note: This slightly reduces the frequency response above 100Khz for SVM, PstLM.

8.What minimum illuminance levels are required according to the manufacturer to achieve maximum accuracy for the respective measured values?
--> At least 200 lux for frequency, flicker%, flicker index
--> At least 1000 Lux for SVM, PstLM and ASSIST

* Identical to Gossen Mavopad

Properties "ZadPad - Flicker Meter (SVM, PstLM, IEEE1789)"
·Application/IP-Code: IP20
Manufacturer "Reiner Fauser Elektrotechnik"

The company Fauser Elektotechnik contructs excellent measurement devices for different use cases. Particular are the luxmeters and flicker meters from Fauser which conviced us. That's why we can offer these faithful to you.

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