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BMU MD - Compact dimmable LED driver 10W from TCI The BMU MD series is an LED constant... more

BMU MD - Compact dimmable LED driver 10W from TCI

The BMU MD series is an LED constant current Power Supply Unit PSU with small square dimensions,
especially for installation in luminaires.
The 10W driver is available for currents of 250mA, 350mA, 500mA and 700mA.
Easy installation with spring terminal contacts.


Features of the TCI BMU-MD series (127396, 127390, 127392, 127394):

  • SELV <60V Wide Range Input Voltage
  • Suitable for automatic wiring machine
  • Direct current dimmable
  • Flicker (Output Ripple) < 20%
  •  Driver for built-in use.
  •  It can be used for lighting equipment in protection class I and II.
  •  Single terminal block at the primary and secondary circuit(wire cross-section up to 1,5 mm²/ AWG15).

 am dimmingconstant currentBM 20MD for L-C   Selv 60V
Article Art.Nr.     Power out Voltage out
(no dimming)
Voltage out
Current out  #LED
250mA BMU MD  127396    7 W 12...28 V 14...28 V 250mA const. 4-8
350mA BMU MD 127390  10 W 8,5...28 V 12...28 V 350mA const. 3-8
500mA BMU MD 127392  12 W (10) 6...29 V 10...20 V 500mA const. 2-5
700mA BMU MD 127394  12 W (10) 3...14 V   6...14 V 700mA const. 1-4
safety protectionbuilt-in   active pfc

Additionally Features for BMU MD:

  •  Driver can be secured with slot for screws.
  •  Ultra compact size.
  •  Protections:
  •  against overheating and short circuits;
  •  against mains voltage spikes;
  •  against overloads.
  •  Thermal protection C.5.a.

Further Informations about TCI BMU MD xxx can be found in the PDF-Data Sheet (Download Tab)

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10W LED driver in a compact, square housing with spring terminal contacts for currents up to 700mA more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Constant Current: 0,5A, 0,7A, 0,25A, 0,35A
Power: 5 - 20 W
Dimmable/Control: Linear/AM, Phase-Cut (Triac)
Datasheet TCI BMU MD
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4 Jun 2021

11 Apr 2021

30 Nov 2020

2 Oct 2020

schön klein und tut was es soll

Ich habe den BMU MD 700 m anstatt des Halogen-Trafos in eine TAI von Tobias Grau eingebaut, um damit 4 2W Power-LEDs anzusteuern, die ich in den Leuchtenkörper eingeklebt habe. Ansteuerung (Dimmen) mit dem Gira LED Dimmer ist vorzüglich !

10 Feb 2019

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