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BMU - small and compact LED-driver 12W from TCI The BMU series is an LED constant current... more

BMU - small and compact LED-driver 12W from TCI

The BMU series is an LED constant current source with small square dimensions, especially for installation in luminaires. Easy installation with spring terminal contacts. The 12W driver is available for currents of 210mA, 280mA, 350mA, 500mA and 700mA.

Features of the BMU-Series from TCI (122796, 122797, 122790, 122794, 122792):

  • SELV <60V
  • Wide Range Input Voltage (AC and DC)
  • Suitable for automatic wiring machine
  • Not dimmable
  • Driver for built-in use.
  • It can be used for lighting equipment in protection class I and II.
  • Single terminal block at the primary and secondary circuit (wire cross-section up to 1,5 mm²/ AWG15).
  • Input and output terminal blocks on the same side.
  • Flicker (Output Ripple) < 3%

DC12W ripple freeTCI 122790 ENECTCI 122792 122794 SELV
Article Article No. Power out Voltage out Current out    #LED
DC   6W 210mA BMU 122796   6,5 W 3...33 V 210mA const.     1-9
DC   9W 280mA BMU 122797      9 W 3...33 V 280mA const.     1-9
DC 12W 350mA BMU 122790    12 W 2...31 V 350mA const.     1-8
DC 12W 500mA BMU 122794    12 W 2...24 V 500mA const.     1-6
DC 12W 700mA BMU 122792    12 W 2...16 V 700mA const.     1-4
TCI BMU 122797 2KV-Festigkeit BMU 122796 Built in

Further Features for BMU

  • Driver can be secured with slot for screws.
  • Ultra compact size.
  • Protections:
    •  against overheating and short circuits;
    • against mains voltage spikes;
    • against overloads.
  • Current regulation -6 % +5 % including temperature variation
  • Approvals:
    • ENEC
    • UL (class 2)
    • CCC

Further Informations about TCI BMU xxx can be found in PDF-Datasheet Download Tab

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12W LED driver in a compact, square housing with spring terminal contacts for currents up to 700mA. more
Features of the product family. Details on variants can be found in the description.
Constant Current: 220mA, 260mA, 350mA, 350mA -1A, 500mA, 700mA, < 350mA
Power: 9W, 10W, 12W
Dimmable/Control: Switchable On/off
Datasheet DC 12W BMU
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