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DALI Power Poti

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DALI  Potentiometer with integrated Power Supply DALI can be that easy. DALI Poti on... more

DALI  Potentiometer with integrated Power Supply

DALI can be that easy.

DALI Poti on the one side at 230V. Connect the output via two wires with the DALI ballast of the LED luminaire. Done - dimm and switch!

Main Features:

  • Setting of the colour temperature for luminaires with DALI Device Type 8 for Tunable White according to IEC 62386-209 (only Version TW)
  • The DALI Power Regulator allows a common brightness control (broadcast) of up to 26 DALI stations without additional DALI power supply
  • Parallel switching of two DALI power potentiometer extends the maximum number of DALI stations to 104
  • Use of further DALI power potis as extension (without connection of the integrated power supply)
  • Switching / dimming by pressing / turning the operation button
  • Storing of basic brightness and switch-on brightness

Specifications to DALI Power Regulator:

  DALI Power Poti UP DALI Power Poti TW
Rated Voltage AC 230 V ~ AC 230 V ~
Mains Frquency 50 / 60 Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Output Current max. 52 mA max. 52 mA
Light Temperature adjustable -- 2000K - 10000K
Ambient Temperature -5 bis+45 Grad Celsius -5 bis+45 Grad Celsius
Dimensions 70,7 x 70,7 x 32 mm 70,7 x 70,7 x 32 mm
Connection Screw Terminals Screw Terminals
Cable Length max. 300 Meter max. 300 Meter
Interface DALI DALI
Test Mark VDE VDE
Programming none none
DALI rated Voltage DC 16 V (typ.) DC 16 V (typ.)
Operation of the Lighting System   push, turn (Endless-Poti)
Connenction single stranded max. 4mm² max. 4mm²
Number of DALI Subscribers max. 26 max. 26
Number of active DALI Potentiometers max. 4 max. 4
Protocol -- acc. to IEC 62386-101 /-102 /-209
Number per DALI System -- 104
Axial Dimensions 4 mm 4 mm

Device components Power DALI Poti:

The DALI Power Poti comes with the following structure:
DALI potentiometer, frame, central plate, central knob, screw terminals (Details see instructions in the download area)

Function of the DALI controller:

Intended use:
  • Brightness setting for luminaires with DALI interface
  • Setting the colour temperature for luminaires with DALI Device Type 8 for Tunable White in accordance with IEC 62386-209
  • Installation in appliance box according to DIN 49073

Product characteristics:

  • If mains voltage is connected to the device " = active operation", it supplies the control current for 26 DALI subscribers.
  • If no mains voltage is connected " = passive operation", then the device is powered using the DALI voltage (counts as DALI subscriber) and serves as an additional control section. - Parallel switching of up to four "active" DALI potentiometers with the option of supplying up to 104 DALI subscribers
  • All the control sections have the same functionality.
  • Saving the basic brightness and a fixed-switch-on brightness is possible.

To ensure trouble-free operation, do not combine the device with other DALI controllers.

Behaviour after a mains voltage failures

When the mains voltage returns, the lighting is switched to the brightness and colour temperature present before the mains voltage failed.

Operation of the DALI controller

Operation can take place from multiple control sections and always applies to all connected subscribers (broadcast).

Switch light with the DALI potentiometer
  • Press the control knob

Adjust the brightness
  • Turn the control knob. Save the switch-on brightness. When switching on, either the brightness and colour temperature present prior to switching off is switched to or to the saved switch-on brightness.
  • Turn on light
  • Set required switch-on brightness. Press the control knob briefly twice in succession (double-click). The lightning briefly switches to maximum brightly twice. The switch-on brightness is saved.
Delete switch-on brightness
  • Switch the light off.
  • Press the control knob briefly twice in succession, double-click. After about 2 seconds the lightning switches to maximum brightness. the switch-on brightness has been deleted.
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·Dimmable/Control: DALI, DALI DT8
·Color Temperature/Color: Tuneable White
Data-Sheet DALI Power Poti
Data-Sheet DALI Power Poti TW
Operation-Manual (ZIP)
Operation-Manual PP-TW (ZIP)
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