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Dimmable Rotary Switch DALI ROT

Product information "Dimmable Rotary Switch DALI ROT"

DALI ROT Rotary Switch with Control Module - Dimming in DALI Systems

With the help of the highly functional DALI ROT control module, the brightness and color of DALI luminaires can be set depending on the variant. For this, the module has several versions for controlling Tuneable White or RGB/W capable luminaires. Individual DALI commands can be assigned to the pushbutton and rotary knob. DALI ROT is particularly suitable for commercially available flush-mounted boxes and is used in combination with most switch programs.

Product overview / features:

  • DALI ROT control module for switching, dimming and setting color or color temperature, depending on the variation (dimming function):
    • Intensity : Brightness control
    • TW : Control of brightness and color temperature of DT8 Tunable White luminaires
    • RGB : Control of brightness and color of DT8 RGB luminaires
    • RGBW : Control of brightness and color / white channel of DT8 RGBW luminaires
  • Multi-master capable, i.e. installation of several modules in a DALI circuit
  • Simple software configuration and installation in a standard flush-mounted box
  • Variants also available with direct bus power supply 70mA (-PS)

Notes :

  • The control module is compatible with covers and rotary knobs from common manufacturers. Suitable accessories can also be found under the following link:
    DALI ROT Accessories - Rotary Knob, Cover and Adapter.
  • Detailed instructions regarding installation and commissioning can be found in the attached data sheet (starting page 6).

Technical data:

Specification DALI ROT (standard version):

Article number86459822-I-086459822-TW-086459822-RGB-086459822-RGBW-0
DALI interface, supply:
Type of inputDALI, supply
Marking of terminalsDA, DA
Voltage range9.5V ... 22.5 VDC according to IEC62386
Typical Current consumption DALI1.6 mA
Environmental conditions:
Transport and storage temperature- 20 °C ... + 75 °C
Operating temperature- 20 °C ... + 75 °C
Rel. humidity15% ... 90%, non-condensing
General data:
Dimensions (LxWxH)70mm x 70mm x 45mm
Axis diameter4mm, adapter for 6mm
Assembly / useInstallation box
Protection classII if installed as intended
Protection type housingIP40
Protection class terminalsIP20
OperationPush button and rotary knob
FunctionIntensityIntensity & Tunable WhiteIntensity & RGBIntensity & RGBW

Specification DALI ROT PS (bus supply):

Unless specified otherwise in the table below, the information applies to the standard version.

Article number86459822-I-PS86459822-TW-PS86459822-RGB-PS86459822-RGBW-PS
Input: L, N
Type of inputSupply, mains voltage
Marking of terminalsN, L
Input voltage range230 VAC
Max. Input current17 mA
Mains frequency50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption max.2 W
Switch-on ramp-up time<250 ms
Output: DA +, DA-
Type of outputDALI
Marking of terminalsDA-, DA +
Output voltage range12 VDC ... 20.5 VDC
Guaranteed DALI output current70 mA
Max. DALI output current80 mA
No-load proofYes
Short-circuit proofYes
General data:
Dimensions (LxWxH)70mm x 70mm x 60mm

For more information, please refer to the data sheet in the download tab.

Properties "Dimmable Rotary Switch DALI ROT"
·Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
·Color Temperature/Color: RGB/3-Ch, RGBW/4-Ch, Tuneable White
·Dimmable/Control: DALI, DALI DT8
·Lamp shape: Socket installation
Manufacturer "Lunatone Industrielle Elektronik GmbH"

Intelligent light control, in particular thanks to the universal DALI Enocean controller for wireless transmission of DALI signals. Professional solution to implement DALI projects without additional lines on the input side.

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Data Sheet DALI ROT

With/Without PS (Intensity, TW, RGB, RGBW)

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