KNX LED dimming sequencer 20A/5x

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Enertex® KNX LED dimming sequencer 20A/5x as REG and for ceiling installation The... more

Enertex® KNX LED dimming sequencer 20A/5x as REG and for ceiling installation

The Enertex® KNX LED Dimming Sequencer 20A/5x is a pulse width modulating 5-channel dimmer for 5 - 48 V LED modules. The dimmer can dim up to 20 A LED current per channel and a maximum total output of 480 W.

The dimmer is suitable for any LED light source that is suitable for DC constant voltage. Since the overcurrent shutdown of the dimming sequencer was designed to be very robust against false triggering with high inrush current pulses, it is also particularly suitable for lamps that have very high inrush current pulses.

With the help of the display and the control buttons, the installation of the complete lighting can be tested and commissioned without ETS software. via the menu; the various dimming curves, PWM frequencies and dimming speeds for the connected lamps can also be tested on the display. By being able to choose from four predefined dimming curves in connection with a dimming frequency between 211 Hz and 1200 Hz, a suitable configuration for gentle and flicker-free dimming can be found for almost all light sources.

The device has reverse polarity protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection, overtemperature protection and overcurrent protection that works selectively. During operation, the device measures the current current and power in each channel, the DC input voltage, the device temperature and the telegram rate. To record the electricity costs for the lighting, the device provides energy and cost counters for each channel using communication objects.

In the application, the independent channels can be used in any combination of cold white; / warm white, as color channels or as individual channels. Current RGBCCT lamps (red, green, blue, cold white, warm white) are also optimally supported. These lamps are perfectly staged with an automatic white balance (RGB-Extended) developed by Enertex or the extended Tunable White color temperatures, which are generated by automatically adding R/G/B (TW-Extended).

The colors can be controlled either via the primary colors red, green and blue (RGB color mode) or via hue, saturation and brightness (HSV color mode). The dimmer supports 8-bit and 1-bit scenes and also enables individual channels/channel groups to be blocked using communication objects. Five sequences, i.e. sequences of color or color temperature controls in the range from seconds to hours with gentle color changes can either be defined by the user himself or assigned over 20 predefined color sequences. Different switch-on behaviors for day and night are also supported, as is time-controlled dimming of channels/channel groups. The latter enables, among other things, a time-of-day-dependent white light control (Human Centric Lighting / HCL) in Tunable White mode. The base points can be specified either as absolute times or relative to sunrise or sunset (astro function).

The bus communication can optionally be encrypted using KNX Data Secure.

Two variants:


  • Series installation version (REG) - DIN rail housing with 4 HP and
  • Ceiling mount version (DK) - Double furniture mark
  • Five dimming channels, pulse width modulated, max. 20 A per channel
  • Dimming power up to 480 W
  • Variable voltage input and output 5 - 48V
  • Also suitable for lamps with high inrush currents (up to 100A)
  • Integrated protection against overvoltage and undervoltage, overcurrent (selective), overtemperature, reverse polarity
  • Additional power supply and lamp protection features
  • Helpful commissioning functions via display and button
  • Free configuration of the channels:
    • 5x single channel (EK)
    • 1x RGBCCT
    • 1x RGBW + 1x EK
    • 1x RGB + 2x EK
    • 1x RGB + 1x Tunable White (TW)
    • 2x TW + 1x EK
    • 1x TW + 3x EK
  • Dimmer addressable in RGB mode or HSV color space mode
  • Four dimming curves with soft dimming and PWM frequencies between 200 and 1200 Hz for optimal dimming results
  • RGBCCT - RGBW: Extended white balance or expansion of the tunable white color temperatures by automatically adding R/G/B
  • Automatically mimics the color temperature of incandescent lamps (Dim2Warm)
  • Time-controlled dimming and daylight-controlled white light (Human Centric Lighting / HCL)
  • Staircase light function
  • More than 20 predefined and up to five freely definable sequences in RGB or TW operating mode
  • Integrated scenes, bit scenes and locking functions
  • Measurement of voltage, power, temperature, telegram rate and current per channel
  • Channel dependent energy and cost counters
  • Control of an external KNX switching actuator to switch off the LED power supply unit
  • Easy installation: no external fuses and distribution terminals required, approved for cable lengths of up to 50m
  • Intelligent pulse pattern generation to equalize the power pack load (increases the service life of the LED power packs)
  • Optional encrypted communication with KNX Data Secure protocol

More information can be found in our download tab.

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Der Enertex® KNX LED Dimmsequenzer 20A/5x ist ein pulsweitenmodulierender 5-Kanal Dimmer... more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Lamp shape: DIN Rail, Recessed ceiling
Dimmable/Control: KNX
Color Temperature/Color: RGB/3-Ch, RGBW/4-Ch, Tuneable White
1174 - Datasheet/Brochure
1174 - Brochure
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