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LED Converter TCI DALI | 1-10V Mini ZB3 Interface ZIGBEE

Product information "LED Converter TCI DALI | 1-10V Mini ZB3 Interface ZIGBEE"

Converter ZIGBEE ZB3 - DALI/1-10V | 122553 Mini ZB3 Interface

This interface converts a WIRELESS ZIGBEE ZB3 signal into a DALI  (1) or a 0/1...10 V signal. It enables control of lighting control gear, such as switching power supplies ("electronic transformer"), electronic ballasts (ECG) or electronic power dimmers. Dimming of LED drivers via the 0-10V interface via ZIGBEE.

Features Zigbee 1-10V/Dali converter:

  • Interface, that can convert a WIRELESS ZB3 signal into a DALI or 0/1...10 V (1).
  • Protection class II against electric shock in case of direct or indirect contact.
  • The interface (converter) can be supplied directly from the mains (100 ÷ 240 VAC) or from a 12/24 VDC voltage.
  • Protective measures:
    -against input overvoltages from the mains;
    -against short circuit and open circuit;
    - Thermal protection = C.5.a.
  • Abmessungen 115 x 19 x 34 mm

Mini ZB3 Interface ZIGBEE DALI | TCI 122553 (ex 122550)

ArticleArticle No.VAC inVDC inTypeta °Ctc °Clambda max.
Power Factor
Mini ZB§ Interface 122553100 ÷ 24011,5..25ZB3- DALI/1-10V-25...+50650,5 C


Operation mode:

  • -Developed for operation with DALI-2 systems.
  • -DALI connection max. 1 device @ 12Vdc input.
  • -DALI connection max. 4 device @ 24Vdc input.
  • -0/1-10 V connection Imax. 10mA.
  • -PWM output open collector type.
  • -Reset: perform 3 on/off cycles of 3-5-7 seconds. The fourth time the product is turned on, it will flash to confirm the reset..

Setup of the TCI devices like this:

Step 1: Hue-App go for "Search Luminaires"
Step 2: Switch on TCI Zigbee device
Device should be connected within some seconds.
Check signal level when close to metal surfaces or inside metal box.

For more information please refer to the data sheet in the Download Tab.
Some hints by LEDclusive.de:
We have successfully tested the TCI-Module with Philips Hue Bridge and got following experience. Just follow the setup procedure above, the device can be easy found in the setup of luminaires.
In case something went wrong, we recommend running the reset procedure. This is described on the label. Take care to follow the time sequences exactly.
We use one metronome for counting. Successful reset get confirmed by a short off and on of the connected LED-module.

Historie (Vorgänger)

Artikel 122550 --> Mini ZLL Interface


Properties "LED Converter TCI DALI | 1-10V Mini ZB3 Interface ZIGBEE"
·Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, DALI, Zigbee


is one of the leading manufacturers based in Italy and known for a wide range of LED converters, electronic ballasts and LED drivers. TCI attaches great importance to quality and reliability. Experience and trustworthiness are the keys to TCI's success.
For more than 10 years we have been offering more than 100 products from the manufacturer in Saronno/Italy (TCI IT) for Germany and Europe.

Below is our portfolio of products. Tip: Use the filter function to quickly find the driver you need, or give us a call.

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Data sheet Converter Mini ZB3 Interface

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From: Ackerman

16 March 2020 16:35

Gute wertige Produkte, auf jeden Fall wiefder

From: Alexander

24 May 2023 10:56

Die einzige und tadellos funktionierende Lösung auf dem Markt.

From: Peter

23 December 2021 13:42

Gutes Produkt, dass die Anbindung von beliebigen LED-Treibern an Zigbee ermöglicht

Einbindung in Zigbee (Philipps Hue) funktioniert sehr gut. Der 0-10 V Ausgang steuert MeanWell ELG-150 Treiber gut an, die Lampen gehen von 0% bis 100%. Dimmen funktioniert gut, beim Wieder-Einschalten gibt es aber manchmal Probleme - der Konverter schaltet die Lampe nicht ein, obwohl sie an sein sollte. Da hilft kurz die Dimmung verändern, dann geht sie an.

From: Pavel

31 March 2021 12:17



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