Synchronisation cable for TCI LED driver Jolly

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One Master and up to 9 Slaves via TCI sync cable A special feature of TCI -Jolly converter... more

One Master and up to 9 Slaves via TCI sync cable

A special feature of TCI-Jolly converter is the ability to synchronize them together.

You have to control only one Jolly converter as a master in an extensive system. All as a slave connected converters can be controlled, regardless of whether DALI, 1-10V, push-button operation or phase angle control.
One master can drive max. 9 slaves.
Depending on the application, these sync cables, which only need to be connected, are available in various lengths.
The weight of the different lengths:

20 cm = 10 gram

50 cm = 20 gram

1.5 m = 40 gram

4 m = 100 gram
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