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LED Panel round LEDON Downlight 4000K

Product information "LED Panel round LEDON Downlight 4000K"

LED panel round 4000K

LED Flat Downlight by LEDON - A round and extremely flat recessed downlight by LEDON with only 2.4cm depth.
This high-quality LED downlight convinces with homogeneous light distribution and a color rendering index Ra of 80.

Further highlights about the LED Panel Newton round:

Due to the versions with different diameters and brightnesses, the round LED panel is at home in many application areas, such as corridor lighting, in public spaces and restaurants, at work or in private homes.

When to use a LED-spot and when to use a round LED panel?

Spots emit a lot of light from a small surface. If such a spot is in the field of vision, this inevitably leads to glare. (see look in a flashlight). Round LED panel have a large light exit surface, which is extremely pleasant for the viewer. Thus, LED panels are always useful to use where the lights are mounted in the field of vision.

Diameter in mm 180240
Ceiling opening in mm165-170227-235
Power in W (including converter)1520
Luminous flux in lm13002200
Max. Light intensity in cd480790
Required current in mA350700 
Beam angle110°110°

To operate the LED panel round downlights, a constant current LED converter is required.

Further technical data as well as information about the LED converters can be found in the data sheet:

Properties "LED Panel round LEDON Downlight 4000K"
·Color Temperature/Color: 4000K
·Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, DALI, Push-Button
·Hole diameter: 160mm, 165mm, 230mm
Manufacturer "BILTON LEDON Technology GmbH"

Started as a daugther company of Zumtobel. Today, independent and famous manufacturer known for premium quality of LED lamps. LED lamps from BLT convince with excellent colour rendering close to that of the well-known incandescent lamp.

Related links of the manufacturer

Data-Sheet Newton

Datenblatt zu 4000K Versionen (29001284, 29001286)

Product-Flyer Newton
Installation Manual
Converter PDF
Datenblatt TCI LED Treiber

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In nachfolgenden FAQs finden sich weitere hilfreiche Informationen zur richtigen Auswahl

Recessed ceiling spotlights/downlights are available in many different versions. These parameters primarily define this product family: 
  • Hole diameter - We recommend selecting the spots first, then drilling the holes. Otherwise the limitation is predetermined Output 
  • Light output in lumens, or wattage. How much light is needed in the room. There is no general answer to this question. Use the following link for the project enquiry 
  • Installation depth - usually a mandatory requirement in terms of drill hole depth or distance from suspended ceiling. 
  • Color temperature dimmability - We recommend modern options such as DALI or Casambi. 
  • Beam angle - For uniform room illumination. Usually determined by the distribution of the spots in the room and the room height. 
  • Fastening - Installation in false ceiling or concrete ceiling Glare - Depending on the viewing angle, lower LEDs in the spotlight can often no longer be perceived as a bright point of light, thus ensuring pleasant lighting.

If you have a lighting project and would like to use downlights, please use the link provided for our project enquiry form. We will try to answer all your questions.


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