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Strada 90 LV-TW

Product information "Strada 90 LV-TW"

Illuxtron Strada 90 LV-TW (Tuneable White) Downlight

Compact, technologically innovative and economical. So powerful in light output that they are also available in other versions!

VersionPower range
Beam angle
Special feature
HV-FD (High voltage- Flimmerfree Dimmtechnology)10,1-10,5 W40° / 80°directly connectable to 220-240V
LV (Low Voltage)5,0 - 13,8 W24° / 60° / 80°CRI-97 standard, driver included
LV-TW (Low Voltage - Tuneable White) This Version11,4 W60° / 80°Tuneable White Technology

These recessed spotlights are available in 2700 - 6500K. What makes these little powerhouses so special are the reflectors with micro facets. These micro facets of the Strada 90 series provide perfect illumination of objects and rooms and were developed by the leading Bartenbach Institute for Illuxtron and result in the following remarkable advantages:

Special features of these so-called Dark Light - reflectors

  • High luminous efficacy thanks to the very good reflectivity of micro-facet technology
  • Low glare values (UGR index) by avoiding unnecessary stray light
  • Ideal light mixing of the LED light spectra for very good color rendering

Further details of these technical features can be found in the Illuxtron Mini recessed spotlight overview.

This downlight is also available in HV and LV downlight versions.

The most important technical details of the Strada 90 series:

Housing colour / reflector ringmatt white RAL9016 / Gold (XX=61)
matt white RAL9016 / Silver (XX=63)
matt white RAL9016 / White (XX=64)
matt white RAL9016 / Black (XX=62)
matt black RAL9005 / Gold (XX=71)
matt black RAL9005 / Silver (XX=74)
matt black RAL9005 / White (XX=75)
matt black RAL9005 / Black (XX=72)
MaterialHousing: Die-cast aluminium
Reflector glass: Polycarbonate
Dimensionsø 105 mm
Required installation depth> 70 mm
Ceiling cut-out

90 mm: Use of concrete springs.
92 mm: Use of wire springs.

Colour Consistency (MacAdam)SDCM3
IP CodeIP20 / IP44
IK CodeIK03
Operating temperature (Ta)-20°C / +45°C
Life timeat 25°C
L70B50> 70.000 h
L80B50> 70.000 h
L90B50> 37.000 h
Safety signsEN60598 / EN62031 / EN62471
Guarantee7 years
Energy classA

Strada 90 Low Voltage –Tuneable White Technologie (TW)

Human Centric Lightning (HCL) high-end lighting design solution

The natural light changes its colour during the course of the day from the morning glow of the sunrise to the bright midday sun, to a deep, warm sunset. We have the technology to adjust the colour temperature of the artificial light in our homes.

The human biological clock is closely linked to the day-night cycle of the earth's circadian rhythm and is central to the release of various hormones, such as melatonin, which regulates sleep, and cortisol, which is necessary for healing. We know that light has a significant impact on the human biological clock and our health.

As much as technology can help us, it can also throw our natural biological clock out of balance. We get too little of the right type of light during the day and too much of the wrong type at night. Televisions, LED lights, computer screens and mobile devices that emit blue (cold) light can disrupt our biological clock and shift our natural sleep rhythm.

An HCL (Human Centric Lighting System) can also change artificial light. If we need to be more concentrated or attentive, we can adjust the colour temperature to a cool light. If we want to relax or create a more relaxing environment, we can adjust the colour temperature to provide warmer light.

Lighting and control technologies have achieved a high degree of user-friendliness. Through careful consideration and expert advice, light can be more organic and can be better integrated into this intelligent home technology to provide greater comfort.

For further information on Strada 90 LV-TW downlights please refer to the respective data sheet.

Strada 90 LV-TW

Art. No.856B03XX4W02856B03XX4X02
Colour temperature2700 -6500 K
Luminous flux1250 lm
Lm/W (with EVG)110
TypeInc. PSU
Input220-240 V
Power11,4 W
Protection classII

*Note: This table shows only the version with 60° radiation angle. This downlight is also available with a beam angle of 80°.

For data sheets of the Strada 90 series downlights, see download tab:

The products of the manufacturer Illuxtron are individually manufactured according to your specification especially for you. This also explains the longer delivery time of 1-3 weeks depending on capacity utilization.

Properties "Strada 90 LV-TW"
·Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
·Color Temperature/Color: Tuneable White
·Dimmable/Control: Casambi radio, DALI
·Hole diameter: 90mm
Manufacturer "Illuxtron International BV"

The Dutch company Illuxtron International and the Austrian company Bartenbach have joined together in 2015 to develop new products in the field of reflector technology. Both R & D departments participated in the development of "Dark Light" reflectors for the mini downlights and Aviora panels.

Related links of the manufacturer

Datasheet Illuxtron

Strada 90 LV-TW

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In nachfolgenden FAQs finden sich weitere hilfreiche Informationen zur richtigen Auswahl

Recessed ceiling spotlights/downlights are available in many different versions. These parameters primarily define this product family: 
  • Hole diameter - We recommend selecting the spots first, then drilling the holes. Otherwise the limitation is predetermined Output 
  • Light output in lumens, or wattage. How much light is needed in the room. There is no general answer to this question. Use the following link for the project enquiry 
  • Installation depth - usually a mandatory requirement in terms of drill hole depth or distance from suspended ceiling. 
  • Color temperature dimmability - We recommend modern options such as DALI or Casambi. 
  • Beam angle - For uniform room illumination. Usually determined by the distribution of the spots in the room and the room height. 
  • Fastening - Installation in false ceiling or concrete ceiling Glare - Depending on the viewing angle, lower LEDs in the spotlight can often no longer be perceived as a bright point of light, thus ensuring pleasant lighting.

If you have a lighting project and would like to use downlights, please use the link provided for our project enquiry form. We will try to answer all your questions.


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