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TRELIGHT LED dimmer radio receiver 1x8A

Product information "TRELIGHT LED dimmer radio receiver 1x8A"

TRELIGHT LED Dimmer 12-36VDC, 8A

This TRELIGHT product enables the dimming of LED technology - via radio and push-button input.
Several components of the TRELIGHT LED dimmer series can be taught-in to one receiver. Depending on your preference, wall switches can be used to dim at various points in the room, or from the sofa with the wireless remote control or Mini dimmer button.

The LED dimmer radio receiver is switched between the power supply unit and the dimmable LED lighting.
Secondary 12-36V DC voltage is provided and a current up to 8A can be drawn.

 LED Funk Dimmer TRELIGHT Serie

This LED dimmer is compatible with TRELIGHT LED dimmer - Remote control, - Wall switch (1 and 2-gang) and - Dimmer push-button Mini.
This opens up a multitude of possibilities for dimming and switching your single-colour LED technology.

Technical Data TRELIGHT LED Dimmer:

Power supply12-36Vdc
Current consumption8A max.
Input signalTRELIGHT LED dimmer series or pushbutton input
Output voltage1x 12-36Vdc
Output current1x 8A
Power output96W @ 12Vdc / 192W @ 24Vdc / 288W @ 36Vdc
Dimming function0-100%
Temperature range-20 bis +50°C
Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm100x38x20

For further technical data and information please refer to Downloads.

Properties "TRELIGHT LED dimmer radio receiver 1x8A"
·Dimmable/Control: PWM, TRELIGHT wireless
Manufacturer "PUR-LED GmbH & Co. KG"

The company made it to their goal, to produce environmental friendly, innovative and especially in high quality. With the brand Trelight, PUR-LED® especially covers the control sector of multicolored LEDs. The Trelight-series can be controlled via wallswitch, radio or downloadable app, depending on the product.

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