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700mA Driver for Illuxtron Pointer 9W

Product information "700mA Driver for Illuxtron Pointer 9W"

700mA constant current driver for Illuxtron Downlight Pointer 68 (fixed)

Illuxtron exclusively uses 700mA constant current drivers from renowned manufacturers. The service life of LED constant current drivers significantly determines the service life of a lighting system, as well as the flicker of LED luminaires.

Illuxtron pays attention to the following properties with regard to the 500mA constant current sources:
  • Conformity with health standards
  • suitability for photo and video
  • overvoltage protection
  • Higher luminous efficacy thanks to ripple-free drivers
  • Protection against overheating
  • Adherence to EU standards
Other details for Illuxtron LED Power Supplies

Dimmability and use of 700mA CC power supplies

For operating the Illuxtron Pointer Downlights the manufacturer offers different 700mA LED drivers.
The advantage of serial wiring lies in the best possible dimmability by means of constant current control and the associated high efficiency for best efficiency of the overall system.
The number of possible luminaires per power supply depends on the performance of the respective ballast. Here we offer different versions of different manufacturers and designs. The sum of all forward voltages of the LED spots is decisive. This must be smaller than the max. Vf  (see table) of the LED driver.
Pointer 68-fix 700mA

Technical data of the constant current drivers for 700 mA:

DescriptionPSU 32W 700mA TriacPSU 32W 700mA DaliPSU 32W 700mA 1-10V & PushPSU 50W 700mA DALI / 1-10V & Push
Article number05MG03MLMF0005MJ03MLMF0005MH03MLMF0005MM03MLMF00
Watt32 W (47Vf)32 W (48Vf)32 W (53Vf)50 W (74Vf)
Current intensity700 mA
Ripple< 3%
Input voltage 220-240 V
Weight138 g138 g138 g218 g
Input current 5A 50µS5A 50µS5A 50µS20A 400µS
B-16A Fuse 50 pcs
Dimensions mm166x46x34103x67x21103x67x21124x79x22

Application possibilities

The constant current drivers are also suitable for downlights of the Pointer 68 (fixed) product family.
Data sheets of the constant current drivers see Download Tabs: 
Properties "700mA Driver for Illuxtron Pointer 9W"
·Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, DALI, Phase-Cut (Triac), Push-Button
Manufacturer "Illuxtron International BV"

The Dutch company Illuxtron International and the Austrian company Bartenbach have joined together in 2015 to develop new products in the field of reflector technology. Both R & D departments participated in the development of "Dark Light" reflectors for the mini downlights and Aviora panels.

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For 700 mA version

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