Casambi-Alexa-Gateway X-Moment

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Casambi-Alexa-Gateway X-Moment - Modern Voice Gateway for Casambi With this voice gateway you... more

Casambi-Alexa-Gateway X-Moment - Modern Voice Gateway for Casambi

With this voice gateway you can control any luminaire, group of luminaires or any Casambi-enabled consumer - no matter from which manufacturer - with your individually created voice commands via Alexa.

Technical data 808861 - 808866  - 808771

   808861 808866 808771
number of commands 4 16 20
color Black

Voice control


Google Home in preparation


5 V

Bluetooth - integrated

WLAN - integrated

controls IOS / Android
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 17 mm
Delivery scope USB-A /Micro USB-B Cable, Casambi Voice Gateway


Individual voice control

Use your voice to operate your entire house using voice commands and the CasambiAlexa-Gateway.
Here the light is not only switched off and on - the device also understands dimming commands, such as:

"Alexa - ...

... turn on the table lamp!"
... table lamp 75%"
... switch bedrooms to 10%"
... light scene living room (activate group lights)"
... living room 20%"
... switch bedroom to Purple"
... garden lighting 100%"

Depending on the model, 4 to 20 voice commands can be controlled.

The installation only requires a 5 V power supply (e.g. mobile phone power supply) and can be set up anywhere in the WLAN reception area All WiFi operating states and voice recognition commands are signaled via colored LED-lighting.

Installation instructions

1. Connection with your smartphone

  • Connect the device to your USB 5V using the USB cable. Power supply.
  • The device signals with a red flashing that a WIFI network is being searched
  • Open the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile device. There select the network of your voice gateway [number of scenes].
  • The next step is the network password query. Standard: 12345678
  • The phone is now connected to the device.

2. Settings on the administration page for the gateway

  • Open the browser of your mobile device and enter the address
  • You are now on the administration page of the Casambi Gateway.
  • Click on the menu at the top left (three horizontal lines) and select the item Network.
  • SSID: Enter the name of your WiFi network or click on the button to the right of it - a list with the available networks will appear
  • Password: Password of your WiFi network
  • Use DHCP: Automatic configuration of the IP address for the device (on by default)
  • Click on Save
  • The device restarts and the X lights up green continuously

3. Add device to Casambi

  • Now open the Casambi app on your mobile device and click on Devices nearby
  • Click the Xmoment and then click Add
  • Select your appropriate network

4. Set up voice commands

  • Open the menu on the administration page of the Alexa Gateway and select the Voice commands item. Now you can assign a voice command to each channel.
  • Example: voice command 1: living room, voice command 2: bedroom
  • IMPORTANT: Make a note of all voice commands so that you can enter them analogously in your app and link them to lights, groups or light Scenes!
  • Click on Save.
  • Create a new scene in the app or use an existing one
  • Click on More in the app (three small dots at the bottom right)
  • Select Gateways and then your device
  • Now you can assign a scene to the individual channels under Parameters.
  • Example: We want to assign the living room scene to the first channel with the number 1 in the voice gateway:
    • Voice command 1 - Select Scene - Living room
  • If you now switch to the Administration area of ??the device and display the scenes there, the borders of the voice commands to which a scene has been assigned are no longer dashed, but solid blue frames.

5. Announcement of the voice commands to Echo

  • Restart your & nbsp; Echo & nbsp; by unplugging it and then plugging it back in.
  • Say: & ldquo; Alexa, search for new devices & ldquo;
  • Your Alexa will now tell you which devices were found
  • Now test your voice commands, e.g .:
    • Alexa, ...
      • switch on living room.
      • Living room at 50%
  • The device acknowledges every recognized voice command with a blue-purple glowing X
    & nbsp;
  • If the device has been successfully integrated into the network, it can then also be addressed directly by your Amazon Echo network. It is then no longer necessary to change the Wi-Fi connection in the mobile device
  • To do this, go to the network of the device again, select the Information item
  • in the administration area
  • Make a note of the IP address given there
  • Switch back to your Amazon Echo network, enter the IP address that you have remembered in the browser. The administration page should now be displayed again
  • It is best to create a bookmark in the browser for even faster access to your gateway

Meaning of the colors of the glowing X on the front

Permanently green Device is registered in the WiFi of the Amazon Echo network
Flashing green Trying to connect to the Amazon Echo network
Red Cannot connect to the Amazon Echo network
  • Check network key and SSID
Purple-Blue Voice command was recognized and the light scene is executed
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Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Dimmable/Control: BT4.0 (2,4 GHz), Casambi radio
X Moment Voice Gateway Data Sheet
Voice Gateway Alexa ready
Installation instruction X Moment
X-Moment Inbetriebnahme
Tipps und Tricks X-Moment Installation
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26 Oct 2021


Was will ich mehr. Endlich eine Lösung zur Steuerung meiner Occhio Leuchten mittels Sprachbefehlen.

11 Aug 2021

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