DALI Expander Unit 89453847

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DALI Expander Unit 89453847 for DALI System Expansion with Integrated Bus Supply The DALI... more

DALI Expander Unit 89453847 for DALI System Expansion with Integrated Bus Supply

The DALI expander can be used to set up your own DALI sub-circuit and supply it with energy and information. In this way, additional DALI operating devices in the DALI sub-circuit can be broadcast controlled via the address of the DALI expander. Alternatively, the DALI Expander can also control the DALI devices in the sub-circuit directly via its switch & dim button input. It has an integrated DALI bus supply (200mA) for 90 DALI devices in the sub-circuit. In addition to increasing the number of electronic ballasts in a DALI circuit, the expander can also be used to extend the cable length of usually up to 300m.

Product Properties / Features:

  • DALI expander unit for expanding a DALI circuit and controlling several DALI devices via one DALI address
  • For the higher-level DALI circuit, the DALI expander behaves like a DALI ECG (DALI IN) with a DALI address
  • Broadcast forwarding of the DALI commands received at the input (DALI IN) to the output (DALI OUT)
  • Output (DALI OUT) with DALI power supply (200mA) for supplying DALI ECGs and DALI control devices
  • Alternative control option for the DALI output circuit via the switch & dim input (broadcast)
  • Galvanic separation between the DALI circuits
  • Available as
    • DIN rail module (for installation in protection class II devices)
    • Independent control gear (for ceiling installation or luminaire installation)

Technical data:

Type DALI Expander
Article number 89453847 89453847-S 89453847-HS
Entrance: L, N
Type of input Supply, mains voltage
Identification of terminals L, N
Input voltage range 100Vac ... 240Vac 110Vac ... 230Vac
Input current max. 40mA (@ 120Vac), 20mA (@ 240Vac)
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption max. 5,3W
Switch-on ramp-up time 250ms
Input: DA, DA
Type of input DALI control input
Identification of terminals DA, DA
Input voltage range 9.5V ... 22.5V
Current consumption DALI 2mA
Entrance: L ', N
Type of input SwitchDim control input -
Identification of terminals L ‘, N -
Input voltage range 230Vac -
Frequency input voltage 50Hz / 60Hz -
Control pulse length min. 40ms -
Control pulse length long key press 500ms -
Output: DA +, DA-
Type of output DALI bus supply
Identification of terminals DA +, DA-
Output voltage range 12Vdc ... 20.5Vdc
Guaranteed DALI output current 200mA
Idle proof Yes
Short-circuit proof Yes
Environmental conditions:
Transport and storage temperature - 20 ° C ... + 75 ° C
Operating temperature - 20 ° C ... + 60 ° C
Rel. Humidity 15% ... 90% rH, non-condensing
General data:
Assembly False ceiling installation DIN rail
Max. Rated temperature 70 ° C 75 ° C
Expected lifetime 50,000 h
Protection class II
Degree of protection (housing / terminals) IP40 / IP20
Dimensions (LxWxH) 120 x 41 x 22 mm 120 x 30 x 22 mm 98 x 17.5 x 56 mm

For more information, please refer to the data sheet in the download tab.

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Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
·Dimmable/Control: DALI
·Lamp shape: DIN Rail, Recessed ceiling, Throw-in ceiling
·Power range: 5 - 20 W
·Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
DALI Expander Unit - Data Sheet
89453847, 89453847-S, 89453847-HS
Lunatone DALI Products
Structured Overview
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