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DALI GC/GC-A group control module

Product information "DALI GC/GC-A group control module"

DALI GC/GC-A group control module

Module for the control of two predefined DALI groups with a conventional light button

The DALI GC and GC-A are control units for the control of 2 DALI groups. With help of this compact module, light switches or buttons can send dimming and switching commands to two DALI groups.

A rotary switch on the housing DALI GC/GC-A offers the possibility to preselect the DALI resp. luminaire group. The modules are installed in the flush-mounted box behind the light switches and get their supply directly from the DALI-Bus.

Product specifications

  • The DALI GC offers in contrast to the DALI GC-A the possibility, to address luminaires and add them to groups resp. delete them.
  • Compact control module to generate switching or dimming commands for two DALI groups
  • With help of a rotary switch on the module housing the selection of the DALI groups that are addressed happens.
  • The inputs can be controlled with standard buttons
  • Multiple modules can be installed within a DALI circuit
  • The module can be installed in a flush-mounted box or directly behind the light button
  • The supply of the module happens directly through the DALI line and doesn't have to be connected to the grid
  • The buttons are connected directly to the module (make potential-free contact)

Technical data:

  • Supply: via DALI bus
  • Current consumption: 6 mA
  • Inputs: 2 buttons single/double
  • Outputs: DALI (broadcast)
  • Groups: 2 of 16 (broadcast)
  • Group selection: rotary switch
  • Temperature: 0 °C - 50 °C
  • Protection type: IP20
  • Connected wires: 0.75 mm2
  • Connected length: 250 mm
Properties "DALI GC/GC-A group control module"
·Dimmable/Control: DALI
Manufacturer "Lunatone Industrielle Elektronik GmbH"

Intelligent light control, in particular thanks to the universal DALI Enocean controller for wireless transmission of DALI signals. Professional solution to implement DALI projects without additional lines on the input side.

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