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LEPUK innovative touch dimmer with CASAMBI

Product information "LEPUK innovative touch dimmer with CASAMBI"

LEPUK – CASAMBI remote control with innovative touch dim

Dimming by touch is intuitive and fun - but what if you don't want to or can't touch the light directly? The pendant light oscillates uncomfortably when you touch it? The ceiling light is hanging too high anyway? The solution is remote touch with LEPUK: like dimming on the luminaire, but removed. And thanks to CASAMBI® wireless technology, more than just one light can be addressed if required. With LEPUK you get a remote control for four-channel applications: dim by touching the ball cap and change the channel by tilting.

LEPUK is available in a timelessly beautiful wooden case in three different types of fine wood, each with 3 different cap colors. Thus, 9 different versions are available: oak, mahogany and cherry wood, as well as the cap in black, silver and gold.

LEPUK is developed and produced in Europe and thus offers the highest quality and local contacts.

Features of the CASAMBI Touch Dim remote control:

  • Diameter of 73 x 62 mm and is therefore comfortable to hold.
  • Remote Touch-Dim: Dimming with 1-finger contact on the anodized aluminum spherical Segment
  • Configurable from 1 to 4 channels - toggle channels by tilting LEPUK (yes, it has a motion sensor!)
  • Matching B1C bridge or D1C driver/dimmer available as part of the LEDIM/ModularSystem
  • If necessary, several lights can be controlled in combination
  • Low power technology enables a battery life of up to 6 months, battery charging via USB

Specifications LEPUK:

  • Type. Supply voltage: Internal LiIon battery, rechargeable via USB
  • Dimensions with housing (D x H): 73 mm x 62 mm
  • Dimensions open frame (W x H): 28 mm x 35 mm

Overview of the different variants with article numbers:


switch black

switch silverswitch gold


808700 - LEPUK CH-B

808701 - LEPUK CH-SI

808702 - LEPUK CH-GO


808703 - LEPUK OA-B

808703 - LEPUK OA-B

808705 - LEPUK OA-GO


808706 - LEPUK MH-B

808707 - LEPUK MH-SI

808708 - LEPUK OA-G

A short video of the LEPUK in Action:

The video for the LEPUK remote control for four-channel applications shows how to dim by touching the touching the ball cap and change the channel by tilting.
Properties "LEPUK innovative touch dimmer with CASAMBI"
·Dimmable/Control: Casambi radio
·Lamp shape: flexible (stripes)
Manufacturer "Arditi GmbH Lighting Components"

Arditi GmbH is a subsidiary of the Italian Arditi Spa near Bergamo. The range is broadly diversified and includes switches, dimmers, sockets, bases, wires, transformers and accessory. In the meantime, Arditi has made a name in the sector of LED-technology. The company offers LED-modules in various forms, transformers and drivers, as well as LED-suppliers.

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