Meanwell DAP-04 (S01) DALI PWM signal converter

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  • DAP-04-S01
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4 channel DALI PWM signal converter Operate PWM signals via DALI commands control. The... more

4 channel DALI PWM signal converter

Operate PWM signals via DALI commands control.

The DAP 04 more specifically DAP-04 S01 DALI PWM interface converts DALI into PWM signals.

The DALI PWM Converter is available as DAP 04 and DAP-04 S01(Successor of the best-selling DAP-04EU) version.

There are 4 PWM outputs available, which are addressed via DALI. Each one can be controlled separately.
In this way, all LED transformers and LED drivers with PWM input for dimming can be controlled
like the Mean Well HLG series

It is possible to dim in a very flexible range of 1% to 100%, optionally linear or logarithmic. It`s your choice to create it comfortable.

Via DALI you can dim a variety of LED transformers with PWM input.


  • Fully isolated plastic case IP20
  • Built-in relay to control on / off for LED power supply
  • Meets DALI standards (IEC62386-q0q, q02, 207)
  • DALI-dimmable Push Dim function
  • 4 DALI addressable output channels
  • Universal voltage input: AC 90V - 305V, DC 127V - 431V
  • 3 years warranty


Differences between version DAP 04 and DAP-04 S01 DALI PWM interface:

DAP-04 DAP-04 S01

Selection output signal between high and low active PWM

Choose between 1 till 4 addressed DALI outputs. If only one output is assigned, than the DALI system will be used more efficiently.

The mode can be selected by jumper.

 DAP04 EU converts DALI signals into PWM signalsDAP04(EU) DALI PWM Signal Converter

Technical data for DAP-04 DALI PWM signal converter: 

Input voltage range 90 - 305 VAC  / 127 - 431 VDC
Frequency range 47 - 63 Hz
AC power 0,1A
Inrush current 15A @ 230V AC
Power consumption 0,5W
Input signal DALI or Push dim
Output signal 4 x PWM, 1KHz
Output logic see datasheet
Dimming 1% - 100%
Dimension 165x46x23mm(LxWxH)
Operating conditions -30°C - 60°C, 20-90% humidity
Storage conditions -40°C - 80°C, 10-95% humidity

For further technical data please refert to tab DOWNLOAD

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Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Dimmbarkeit/Steuerung: DALI, PWM, Tast-Dimmen
DAP-04 (S01) data sheet
Data sheet Meanwell DAP-04 DALI-PWM Signal Converter
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