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Mounting accessories for busbar system Track (DALI/ON/IN) by ALS

Product information "Mounting accessories for busbar system Track (DALI/ON/IN) by ALS"

Mounting accessories for ALS track system TRACK (DALI / ON / IN)

In addition to the electrical connectors and feeders for the ALS track system TRACK DALI, TRACK ON and TRACK IN, different fastening elements are required depending on the location. On this page you will find a comprehensive overview of accessories for pendulum mounting (rope suspension, pipe pendulum suspension, etc. ). as well as Gripper with conductor rail clip, or ceiling clips, butt connectors, universal hooks, socket adapters and much more.
A detailed overview can be found on the catalog page as a PDF file in the download segment.
Via our selection menu, the respective selection depending on the colours is possible

  ALS Stromschienensystem Zubehör
ALS Track Eutrac Zubehör
Montagezubehör für Eutrac Schienensystem
Steckdosenadapter für Eutrac Stromschiene

Properties "Mounting accessories for busbar system Track (DALI/ON/IN) by ALS"
·Lamp shape: Power rail
Manufacturer "ALS GmbH"

A.L.S. is a supplier and manufacturer of lighting systems as well as a service provider of lighting concepts.
The main focus at A.L.S is the production of lighting elements, lamps and accessories

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