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  • IL1394-35040372J102
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Odoin XS Trackspot These trackspots are available in 3000K and 4000K, with 27.0W depending on... more

Odoin XS Trackspot

These trackspots are available in 3000K and 4000K, with 27.0W depending on the version and different dimming options, CRI types.

The corresponding tracks can be found here.

Get to know the LUXEON STYLIST series

LUXEON Stylist series LEDs have been developed explicitly for restaurants, grocery and fashion stores. Various innovative technologies are used for this purpose. Ask our sales department which solution will best showcase your products.

New standards require new LEDs

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) has published a technical memorandum that also includes a new method for measuring color rendering. The new TM-30-15 color standard promises to replace the color rendering index CRI as a color parameter. Various stability and spectrum parameters as well as a new set of color samples have been introduced which are more representative for real-world objects than the paste samples used for the CRI parameters. The new color parameters also better represent LED-based solid state lighting (SSL).

The Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI)

Studies have shown that the industrial color rendering index CRI is not well suited for television because of the so-called floating white point. The new index TLCI imitates a complete television camera and screen setting and takes into account the specific properties of the devices that influence color performance. The TLCI is only calculated using software. The only hardware required is a spectroradiometer to measure the spectral energy spread of the test fixture and a computer for the analysis program to perform the calculations. A light well with a high TLCI value enables the user to save costs, as no subsequent colour corrections are necessary.

The most important features of the Odoin XS Trackspots:

Housing colour

XX=65 Matt white / White
XX=66 Matt white / Blue
XX=61 Matt white / Gold
XX=63 Matt white / Silver
XX=64 Matt white / Copper
XX=62 Matt white / Black

XX=85 Matt grey / White
XX=86 Matt grey / Blue
XX=81 Matt grey / Gold
XX=83 Matt grey / Silver
XX=84 Matt grey / Copper
XX=82 Matt grey / Black

XX=76 Matt black / White
XX=77 Matt black / Blue
XX=71 Matt black / Gold
XX=74 Matt black / Silver
XX=75 Matt black / Copper
XX=72 Matt black / Black

Material Housing: Die-cast aluminium
Reflector glass: Polycarbonate
Dimensions 107 mm x 100 mm
Trackhight 14 mm
Usage Indoors
Beam angle(FWHM) 18° / 37° / 60°
CRI / Ra (typ.) 97 / 80
Colour Consistency (MacAdam) SDCM3
IP Code IP20 / IP44
IK Code IK03
Operating temperature (Ta) -20°C / +45°C
Life time at 25°C
L70B50 131.000 h
L80B50 80.000 h
L90B50 35.000 h
Safety signs EN60598 / EN62031 / EN62471
EMV-Directive EN55015
Guarantee 7 years
Energy class A+

Odoin XS

Convenient shopping with Crispcolor TechnologyTM

In the world of retail, a good appearance is everything. Whether in an exclusive boutique or a large chain store: the importance of appropriate lighting for the store cannot be overestimated. The LUXEON Stylist range for fashion retail produces brighter, more vibrant whites and fuller colours to show your merchandise in the best possible light. The CrispColor and CrispWhite technologies replace previous halogen, metal halide and incandescent lamps. The LUXEON Stylist series provides exceptional lighting that will impress your customers.

Bright Clothes; The Crispwhite TechnologyTM

Only deep blue LEDs activate the Fluorescent Whitening Agents (FWAs), which are contained in almost all textiles and fabrics of all colours. CrispWhite Technology uses a patented double-peak technology in the violet spectrum to make textile products appear even brighter and more attractive - and this (in contrast to the use of UV light) without any risk to health.

Atmoshere TechnologyTM for the perfect dinner

Whether it's an elegant restaurant with white tablecloths or a cosy café, more and more restaurants are striving to inspire with an extraordinary ambience. Forward-thinking restaurant owners understand that the right lighting plays a very important role in this. The LUXEON Stylist range helps to create an unprecedented feel-good aesthetic in your restaurant without compromising efficiency. That's because the LEDs are equipped with AtmoSphere Technology and consume less energy and have a much longer life than traditional light sources. At the same time, the lamps generate less heat, which helps to reduce cooling costs, especially in warmer climates.

Fresher food - thanks to Freshfocus TechnologyTM

The LUXEON Stylist series whets your appetite! Grocery retailers know that the fresh food department in their store attracts customers and should therefore be attractively staged. Optimizing the saturation of the most dominant colors in the product range will result in more impulse purchases, higher sales and a lower end-of-day disposal rate. FreshFocus Technology therefore helps to accentuate the freshness of food. For example, you can emphasize the red tones in the meat department, increase the appetite for bread or baked goods or present fish in natural colors. LED lighting also saves energy and reduces environmental impact.

Odoin XS

Dimmability Non dimmable DALI Casambi
Art.No. 350403XXHK02 350403XXHG02 350403XXHN02 350403XXE402 350403XXE102 350403XXE702 350403XXJ402 350403XXJ102 350403XXJ702
Colour temperature 3000 K 4000 K 3000 K 4000 K 3000 K 4000 K
Luminous flux 3000 lm 3400 lm 3000 lm 2150 lm 3400 lm 3000 lm 2150 lm 3400 lm
CRI 82 97 82 97 82 97 82
Lm/W (with EVG) 111 72 126 111 80 126 111 80 126
Type Integrated PSU
Input 700 mA
Power 27,0 W 41,7 W 27,0 W
Input 5A 50µS
Protection class I
Pf 0,97

Note: This table shows only the versions with a beam angle of 18°; for other beam angles, please refer to the respective data sheet.

For data sheets of the Trackspot Odoin XS series please see the Download tab:

The products of the manufacturer Illuxtron are individually manufactured according to your specification especially for you. This also explains the longer delivery time of 1-3 weeks depending on workload.

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Elegant LED Trackspots from Illuxtron, various Light and housing colours. 27,0 / 41,7W depending... more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Dimmable/Control: Casambi radio, DALI
Color Temperature/Color: 3000K, 4000K
Illuxtron datasheet
Odoin XS
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dimensions 4000mm TRACK DALI conductor railsystem with data-bus
Variants from 93.12€ *
Order number: 3108-225-101N
Typ black TRACK ON track system without data bus
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Order number: 3200-SCH-101N
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