TCI Driver Micro MD

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TCI MICRO MD LED-driver with leading edge/trailing edge dimming Very small constant... more

TCI MICRO MD LED-driver with leading edge/trailing edge dimming

  • Very small constant current driver
  • Constant current driver available with different output currents
  • Protectiontype: IP20
  • Protectionclass: II (Protection against direct or indirect contact)
  • Protection against overheating and short, voltage peaks and overload.

AM dimmingThe special feature of this constant current driver is amplitude dimming (linear, non PWM) for the LED current. That`s a very impressive feature for phase dimming drivers and creates  flickerfree light. Also usable for Dim2warm LEDs.

The TCI MICRO MD is a driver with leading edge/trailing edge dimming.

constant current labellabels about MD250 MD350 MD500 MD700

Typ MD250 MD350 MD500 MD700
Partnumber 127048 127040 127042 127046
Output power 7W 10W 10W 10W
Output voltage (without dimming) 12-28 VDC 8,5-28 VDC 6-20 VDC 3-14 VDC
Output voltage (with dimming) 14-28 VDC 12-28 VDC 10-20 VDC 6-14 VDC
Constant current 250 mA 350 mA 500 mA 700 mA
Max. output voltage 35VDC 35VDC 30VDC 25VDC

Safety about 127048 127040 127042 127046
For detailed description please refer to the data sheet.
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Small LED driver (7-10W) with leading edge/trailing edge dimming. Available with different output... more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Constant Current: 0,5A, 0,7A, 0,35A
Power range: 5 - 20 W
Dimmable/Control: Linear/AM, Phase-Cut (Triac)
Datasheet TCI Micro MD
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23 Jun 2022

18 Mar 2020

Gottseidank Ersatz gefunden

hatte eine teure Lampe. Treiber kaputt. Dank der Hilfe hier diesen Ersatz vorgeschlagen bekommen. Was bin ich happy.

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