ATON DALI 30W 250-700mA

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ATON DALI - Universal LED converter 250mA-700mA adjustable, inc. DALI interface This ATON... more

ATON DALI - Universal LED converter 250mA-700mA adjustable, inc. DALI interface

This ATON DALI 30/250-700 by TCI serves as an electronic LED converter/ballast for control via DALI, and is perfectly suited for the supply of constant current operated power LED modules/luminaires or LED systems designed for protection class I, IP20. The output current can be set via an integrated dip-switch.
To correct the power factor, an active over-current filter Active Power Factor Corrector is integrated. The rated power is 30W. In addition, this ECG is adequately protected against overheating and short circuits, power surges and overload. With this TCI DALI ballast, the current control is + - 5% including temperature fluctuations.

The ATON series is particularly popular for its slim design, making it an attractive alternative to the proven Jolly series from TCI.

Type: DC ATON 30/250-700 DALI

Product No.: 127370 / 127372 (BI) and 151370/ 151372 (BI)
Rated power: 13W to 30W depending on the selected constant current
Constant current range selectable in steps: 250mA-700mA
Max. Output voltage: 59V
Dimensions: L210/W21/B30  L179/H21/W30 (BI)

This driver provides up to 30W of power at currents from 250mA to 700mA, which can be adjusted in 16 steps via dip-switches.
As a proven multi-current converter universally applicable. Also available as built-in version (127372BI and 151372BI)

Technical data for 127370 / 127372 und 151370/ 151372 (BI):

 Dip-SW  Power  Voltage out  Current out
Position 1  13 W  20...54V/ 52V*  250mA const.
Position 2  15 W  15...54V/ 52V*  280mA const.
Position 3  16.5 W/ 16W*  10...54V/ 52V*  310mA const.
Position 4  18 W    2/3*...54V/ 52V*  340mA const.
Position 5  19.5 W/ 20W*    2/3*...54V/ 52V*  370mA const.
Position 6  21 W    2/3*...54V/ 52V*  400mA const.
Position 7  22.5 W/ 23W*    2/3*...54V/ 52V*  430mA const.
Position 8  24 W/ 25W*    2/3*...54V/ 52V*  460mA const.
Position 9  26 W    2/3*...54V/ 52V*  490mA const.
Position 10  27.5 W/ 26W*    2/3*...50V/ 50V*  520mA const.
Position 11  29 W/ 27W*    2/3*...50V/ 50V*  550mA const.
Position 12  30 W/ 29W*    2/3*...50V/ 50V*  580mA const.
Position 13  30 W    2/3*...50V/ 50V*  610mA const.
Position 14  30 W    2/3*...46V/ 46*  640mA const.
Position 15  30 W    2/3*...45V/ 45*  670mA const.
Position 16  30 W    2/3*...43V/ 43*  700mA const.

*Version TCI 151370/151372 (BI) with AM dimming is a pure linear controller. The LED current can be dimmed linearly (AM) from 100% to 1%.
Efficiency of 127370/ 127372 (BI) and 151370/ 151372 (BI) depending on performance: >88%

For a detailed description of the LED converter, please see the data sheet in the download area.

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Features of the product family. Details on variants can be found in the description.
Constant Current: 250mA, 340mA, 350mA -1A, 400mA, 500mA, 550mA, 700mA, < 350mA
Power: 9W, 10-20W/m, 10W, 12W, 15W, 16W, 20W, 25W, 30W, < 10W/m, > 20W/m
Dimmable/Control: DALI, Linear/AM, Push-Button
Datasheet ATON DALI
127370 / 127372
Switch-Dim Resync Manual
Data sheet AM dimming
151370 / 151372
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