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DALI Pro Flat LC driver from TCI The TCI Pro Flat LC DALI 22 is a flat, electronic driver for... more

DALI Pro Flat LC driver from TCI

The TCI Pro Flat LC DALI 22 is a flat, electronic driver for direct current, whichis optionally controllable via DALI or button (Push-Switch-Button). Dimming takes place by amplitude modulation. Current is easily adjustable by dip switches.

Features of the driver (127600/127602)

  • Multipower driver supplied with dip-switch for the selection of the output current.
  • P20 independent driver, for indoor use (PRO FLAT DALI)
  • Class II protection against electric shock for direct or indirect contact (PRO FLAT LC DALI)
  • Driver for built-in use (PRO FLAT DALI BI)
  • It can be used for lighting equipment in protection class I and II (PRO FLAT LC DALI BI).
  • Clamping screws on primary and secondary circuits for cables with diameter: min. 2 mm - max. 9 mm (PRO FLAT LC DALI)
  • Protections:
    • against overheating and short circuit
    • against mains voltage spikes
    • against overloads.
  • Thermal protection = C.5.a

Operation mode

  • Features DALI dimming (0/1 - 100 %, minimum output current 7 mA)
    • Memory function for sets or light groups
    • Recall of stored functions
    • Compatible with standard DALI interface
  • Dimming method is AMPLITUDE
  • Light regulation 0/1 - 100 % by means of PUSH SWITCH function (mains voltage)
  • A short push to turn on and off
  • A longer push to increase or decrease light intensity
  • Regulation automatically stops at minimum and maximum values
  • For another on, regulation or off command, release the push button and give the desired command again
  • Dimming level memory at mains restore
  • Keep enabled the SWITCH for at least 10 seconds to reset the dimming level to 30%
  • Keep enabled the SWITCH for at least 60 seconds to enable BILEVEL N function
    • keep pressed for 100% level
    • FADE OFF time is 30 seconds, light level 10%
    • PROLONG time is 30 minutes, then OFF
  • Switch off the driver for at least 5 seconds to disable the BILEVEL function

Push CurrentDiff 127600
Ripple Free AM

Dip-SW Leistung Spg. sek  Strom sek
Stellung 1 5,5W 10...44V 125 mA const.
Stellung 2 6,6W 10...44V 150 mA const.
Stellung 3 7,7W 10...44V 175 mA const.
Stellung 4 8,8W 10...44V 200 mA const.
Stellung 5 9,9W 10...44V 225 mA const.
Stellung 6 11W 10...44V 250 mA const.
Stellung 7 12,1W 10...44V 275 mA const.
Stellung 8 13,2W  10...44V 300 mA const.
Stellung 9 14,3W 10...44V 325 mA const.
Stellung 10 15,4W 10...44V 350 mA const.
Stellung 11 16,5W 10...44V 375 mA const.
Stellung 12 17,6W 10...44V 400 mA const.
Stellung 13 18,7W 10...44V 425 mA const.
Stellung 14 19,8W 10...44V 450 mA const.
Stellung 15 20,9W 10...44V 475 mA const.
Stellung 16 22W 10...44V 500 mA const.

 IP20 127600Pro flat lc Dali Built-in

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Universal DALI compatible constant current driver in flat design with AM dimming and low currents. more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Constant Current: 0,1A, 0,2A, 0,3A, 0,4A, 0,5A, 0,18A, 0,22A, 0,25A, 0,35A, 0,38A, 0,45A
Power range: 5 - 20 W, 20 - 50 W
Dimmable/Control: DALI, Linear/AM, Push-Button
#Kategoriefilter: LED-Treiber-alles mit CC
TCI Pro Flat LC DALI 22
TCI 127600, TCI 127602
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