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IEC62386 control device LED-Warrior 16

Product information "IEC62386 control device LED-Warrior 16"

Functional overview of the LED-Warrior16

LED-Warrior16-DR is a type II IEC62386 master. It can coexist´s with other masters on the same bus. LED-Warrior16-DR uses 1 to 64 DMX slots and converts them into arc power commands for the IEC62386 bus. The addressing mode is configurable. In factory mode a single DMX slot with start address 1 is used to send broadcast IEC62386 commands. So all connected IEC62386 lamps will be set to the same brightness level. Configuration is done via RDM. The start slot and the mode are selectable via standard RMD functions. No specialized software is required, the setup can be done with any RDM tool that allows setting the start slot and personality of a RDM device.

Features of LW-16 DR:

  • IEC62386 type II master
  • DMX/RDM to IEC62386 bridge
  • Can address broadcast, groups or devices
  • Converts 1 to 64 DMX slots to IEC62386 DAPC
  • Cofiguration via RDM-Personalities
  • DC supply 7V to 26V, max. 30mA
  • Galvanically isolated IEC62386 bus
  • Termination resistor for DMX via jumper
  • Two unit DIN rail mountable device

Operating specifications

Supply voltage (V+ relative to GND)7V to 26V
Operating temperature0°C to +70°C
Supply currentmax. 30 mA
DMX input voltage-7V to 12V
DMX termination resistortyp. 120 O
IEC62386 input voltage (differential)max. 24V
IEC62386 input currentmax. 2 mA

You can find more informations in the download-tab.

Properties "IEC62386 control device LED-Warrior 16"
·Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
·Dimmable/Control: DALI, DMX
Manufacturer "Code Mercenaries Hard- und Software GmbH"

Since 2008 Code Mercenaries develops and manufactures products for LED Lighting.
LED applications can be programmed and controlled by using modern LED dimming technologies such as IEC 62386, DMX, I2C or (Spread Spectrum-) PWM.

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1 April 2020 16:19

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Nach schneller Lieferung direkt installieren lassen. Läuft einwandfrei

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