LED Driver Maxi Jolly HV 1-10V & PUSH

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LED driver DC Maxi Jolly HV (high voltage) The special feature of the Maxi Jolly HV (TCI... more

LED driver DC Maxi Jolly HV (high voltage)

The special feature of the Maxi Jolly HV (TCI 127414, 151414) is the possibility to operate up to 32 LEDs in series on one LED converter, depending on the set current. This makes it possible to economically install several recessed LED spotlights, for example. The LED emitters are simply chained in series. For reliable operation, please pay attention to the max. voltage or power per string.

Features of the Maxi Jolly HV versions:

  • LED converter with high output voltage (up to 112V at 350mA)
  • high power of 50W or 60W.
  • Constant current adjustable via dip switches.
  • Master-slave operation via synchronization lines possible (PWM mode only)
  • Ext. temperature sensor optional.
  • dimming via 1-10V Interface provided (127414, 151414)
  • Touch dimming prepared via key input.
  • On/Off by pressing the button briefly, changing the brightness by pressing the button.
  • (127414,151414)
  • flicker (output ripple) <= 3%
  • Also available with hybrid dimming (AM + PWM). (127414)
  • As well as with continuous linear dimming (AM) available. (151414)

The Maxi Jolly high voltage is available in the following variants:

TCI 122414 with output voltage up to 112V can operate up to 32 LEDs in series. Dimming is done by PWM. Preferred areas of application are street lights, or also for the operation of many e.g. LED recessed ceiling spots. Via Synchronisation lines a large number of LED spots can be elegantly operated and dimmed in master-slave operation. (End of live, Successor is 127414)

TCI 127414 is the technologically improved successor of the #122414 and its innovation is the combination of PWM and AM control. This so-called hybrid control ensures absolutely flicker-free light in the range of 100% - 25% by linear control. Only in the range below 25% to 1% the known PWM control is switched over. Thus the advantages of both methods are used.
By short-circuiting the NTC input when switching on, you can switch between "PWM-only" and hybrid operation. Confirmation by single flashing (PWM), double flashing (hybrid)

TCI 151414 (up to 60W, absolutely flicker-free) is a pure linear controller. The LED current can be dimmed linearly (AM) from 100% to 1%. Perfectly suited for use with Dim2Warm. 100% camera-ready. Attention: No master-slave operation via sync line possible.

The technical differences  in detail can be found in the data sheets.

Maxi Jolly HV Push, 1--10V zu 122414TCI 151414 SELV, ENEC und KEMA Symbolik

Technical Data TCI 127414, 127414BI, 151414, 151414BI

Dip-SW Performance Spg. sek Current sek # LED
Position 1 28 W 20...112 V 250mA const. max 32
Position 2 34 W 20...112 V. 300mA const max 32
Position 3 39 W 20...112 V. 350mA const max 32
Position 4 45 W 20...112 V 400mA const max 32
Position 5 50 W 20...112 V 450mA const max 32
Position 6 56 W 2...112 V 500mA const max 32
Position 7 60 W 2...110 V 550mA const max 31
Position 8 60 W 2...100 V 600mA const max 28
Position 9 60 W 2...92 V 650mA const max 26
Position 10 60 W 2...86 V 700mA const max 24

Efficiency as a function of power: 30W - 50W : 84%  - 91%
For data on Maxi Jolly HV... please refer to the respective data sheets (see Download Tab)

Maxi Jolly HV mit seinen vielen Optionen

  • All TCI Jolly converters can be connected via sync cable in PWM mode.
    This means that control via only one push-button is possible.
  • Up to 10 converters (slave) can be operated on one master.
  • Button and installation material are not included.

In order to avoid inductive interferences in the secondary cable if necessary, it should be kept as short as possible and the maximum distance between power cables should be kept.
For a detailed description please refer to the data sheet.

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Constant Current: 0,3A, 0,4A, 0,5A, 0,6A, 0,7A, 0,25A, 0,35A, 0,45A, 0,55A
Power range: 20 - 50 W
Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, Push-Button
Maxi Jolly HV 1-10V & Push
Maxi Jolly HV Midnight
Maxi Jolly HV Bilevel CC
Switch-Dim Resync Manual
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