LED driver Maxi Jolly HC/2 (BI) DALI

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High current LED driver DC Maxi Jolly HC/2/BI DALI 55/60W Versatile dimming via 1-10V,... more

High current LED driver DC Maxi Jolly HC/2/BI DALI 55/60W

  • Versatile dimming via 1-10V, DALI or push-button function
    • (On / off by pushing the button briefly. Brightness can be changed by a longer push)
  • Built-in version TCI 123417 (ex 122417) 55 Watt
  • Designed as a constant current source for high currents, alternatively used as a constant voltage source.
  • Constant current from 1,05A to 2,1A.
  • External temperature sensor optional.
  • Flicker ( Output Ripple ) <= 3%
Therefore, this LED driver #123417 respectively #123314 can be seen as a multi-LED converter for versatile use especially as a high current driver for LED.

Verson TCI 123417 is for Built-in use. (without strain relief and terminal cover)
Version TCI 123314 has a terminal cover incl. strain relief

Functions 123314 HC/2TCI 122417 symbols for ENEC and SELV

Dip switch overview with power, current and max. Voltage (TCI 123417/123314)

Dip-SW Power out
Voltage out Current out
Position 1 45 W/ 45 W 44 V max. 1,05 A const.
Position 2 52 W/ 52 W 44 V max. 1,2 A const.
Position 3 55 W/ 60 W 39 V max. 1,4 A const.
Position 4 55 W/ 60 W 35 V max. 1,6 A const.
Position 5 55 W/ 60 W 30 V max. 1,75 A const.
Position 6 55 W/ 60 W 26 V max. 2,1 A const.
Position 7 55 W/ 60 W 48 V const. 1,15 A max.

Efficiency depending of the power: 20W - 55W/60W : 84%  - 92%

Built-In-Version of tci 122417 with symbols of functions

All TCI Jolly converter can be connected to each other via sync-cable. Thus, the control over only one button is possible.
Up to 10 converters (slave) can be operated via one master.
Button and installation materials are not included in delivery.

For a detailed description of the TCI Maxi Jolly HC / 2 or DALI BI, please refer to the data sheet.

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Maxi Jolly HC BI DALI 55W DALI LED-driver for high LED currents: 1,05A  - 2,1A. 48V... more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Constant Voltage: 48V
Constant Current: 1,05A, 1,2A, 1,4A, 1,6A, 1,75A, 2,1A
Power range: 20 - 50 W, 50 - 100 W
Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, DALI, DALI2, Linear/AM, Push-Button
#Kategoriefilter: LED-Trafos- alles mit CV, LED-Treiber-alles mit CC
tci HC DALI 60 Datasheet
Datasheet to TCI 123417 (ex 122417, ex 122303)
bzw. TCI 123314 (ex 127314)
Switch-Dim Resync Manual
HC DALI 60 151314 Data sheet
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