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Illuxtron Linessa 2L Sustainability Less is more. Or in the case of Linessa: Making... more

Illuxtron Linessa 2L


Less is more. Or in the case of Linessa: Making technical innovation affordable by clever product design. The end result is a lighting panel that only has 7 parts and no glue, screws or tape. Linessa has a very minimalist design. At the end of life it is very easy to take the product apart or implement a new LED module. In this scenario we minimize the waste of materials, keeping it as low as possible. Compare this to hazardous fluorescent lamps that need to be replaced frequently.

Bartenbach Darklight Technology - UGR11

Normal diffuser panels distribute light in all directions and create a lot of glare. The Bartenbach Institute helped us to develop special reflector cups that ensure all of the light is reflected in ways that you need. Less glare in an office means less mistakes, less head aches and greater wellbeing for your employees.

Best in class Lux/Watt

The normal amount of lux for an office desk is around 500Lux. With the Linessa series this can be achieved with less energy. Compared to a normal diffuser LED panel of 25-40W it saves 25-40%.

No Multi Shadows

As soon as you try to focus light on to an object with multiple reflectors there will be an annoying multi shadow effect. By using 10 times more reflector cups than normal this effect will dissapear.

Bespoke Versions

The metal plate can be easily changed to different dimensions. It is even possible to integrate a sensor into the plate or air sleeves for ventilation.

Less Light Pressure

Existing LED reflector technology panels have low glare, but were uncomfortable to work under. By adding more reflector cups we managed to achieve the best comfort available in any LED panel on the market. The pressure from the LEDs is divided by an enormous amount of LEDs.

Features and benefits
• Application of Bartenbach's special Dark Light Technology with ultra-low UGR rating.
• Ideal for office applications
• Extremely low wattage for necessary lux level

The most important technical details of the Linessa 2L series:

Housing colour

matt white RAL 9016 (XX=MW)

Material Reflector cups: Chrome
Dimensions 595 x 595 mm 620 x 620 mm 1195 x 295 mm 1720 x 112 mm
Usage Indoors
Colour Consistency (MacAdam) SDCM3
IP Code IP20 / IP44
IK Code IK03
Colour temperature (Ta) -20°C / +45°C
Life time bei 25°C
L70B50 > 100.000 h
L80B50 > 100.000 h
L90B50 > 54.000 h
Safety signs EN60598 / EN62031 / EN62471
EMV-Directive EN55015
Guarantee 7 years
Energy class A++

Linessa 2L

This panel is available in the sizes 595x595 mm, 620x620 mm, 1195 x 295 mm and 1720x112 mm.

For further information about Linessa 2L please see the respective data sheet.

Linessa 2L


Not dimmable

1-10V&Push, DALI (*Note)


Casambi (*Note)

Art. No. 3DXX03CHXA02 3DXX03CHXB02 3DXX03CHSJ02
Colour temperature 3000 K 4000 K 2700 - 6500 K
UGR 17,0 17,2
Luminous flux 3150 lm 3300 lm
Lm/W (with EVG) 132 139
CRI 83
Type Inc. connection box
Input 220-240 V
Power 23,8
Protection class II I
Pf 0,95 0,9

*Note: This table shows only the switchable version (3000K and 4000K), and the DALI version (2700-6500K). This panel is also dimmable as DALI, Casambi and 1-10V&Push.

For data sheets of the Linessa 2L-series see Download Tab:

The products of the manufacturer Illuxtron are individually manufactured according to your specification especially for you. This also explains the longer delivery time of 1-3 weeks depending on the workload.

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Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
·Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, Casambi radio, DALI
·Color Temperature/Color: 3000K, 4000K
·Lamp shape: LED Grid Inlay
·Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Datasheet Illuxtron
Linessa 2L 595x595; 620x620
Datasheet Illuxtron
Linessa 2L 1195x295
Datasheet Illuxtron
Linessa 2L 1170x112
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