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Spectrometer & Flickermeter Lighting Passport Pro Flagship

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Universal mobile light spectrometer & flicker all in one With the mobile device Lighting... more

Universal mobile light spectrometer & flicker all in one

With the mobile device Lighting Passport Pro Flagship you are able to analyze light of lamps and lightings
by over 20 photometric performances direct in place where you are being currently. Because of the built-in
Smart Device (iPod touch), you can transfer quickly emails or via wifi data with your PC, collegues and
clients. Measurements are passed already with graphic and other measurement spezific parameters, too.

Immediately after the measurement, you will receive a clear presentation of the measurement results in
colored graphics or tables. Easy to use: "Just slide with your finger".

With the built-in camera function of the Smart device, it is more easier to document the place of the
measurement. Make personal notes in the measure and send it with your measurement in place.

The Lighting Passport Pro Series is particularly characterized by following changes:

  • Integrated flickerLighting Passport Pro Functions
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensors
  • 24 measurement parameters
  • Improved repeatability (2s) by "Precision Mode"
  • Pocket Bag as equipment for free
  • Tripod Adapter and Pocket Bag as equipment  for free

Technical data of Spectrometer & Flickermeter
Lighting Passport Pro Flagship:

 Wavelength Range  380-780nm

 Illuminance Range

 50 – 50.000 lux
 Measurable  5 – 50.000 lux
 Optical Resolution (FWHM)  8nm
 Output Wavelength Pitch  1nm
 Integration Time  6ms - 16s
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Japanese
  • English
 Measurement Mode
  • Single
  • Multiple
  • Continuous
  • Subtract Background
 Messbare Parameter
  • CCT
  • Duv
  • CIE 1931
  • CIE 1976
  • Spectrum
  • C78.377-2008
  • CRI (Ra)
  • CRI (Re)
  • R1 ~ R15
  • CQS
  • TLCI (Qa)
  • GAI
  • Illuminance
  • Foot Candle
  • PPFD
  • ?p
  • ?D
  • Purity
  • SP ratio
  • Flicker Index
  • Flicker Percentage
  • Flicker Frequency
  • TM-30-15
 Key Features
  • Automatically Record Temperature & Humidity
  • Photograph
  • Note
  • Data Filter
  • Auto Connection
  • Auto Dark Calibration
  • Data Comparison
  • WiFi Transfer
  • GPS Orientation
  • Smart Pass
  • Social Media Integration
 Accuracy (@ 1.000 lux Standard Light Source)
 x,y  ± 0,002
 Illuminance  ± 3%
 CCT  ± 2%
 Repeatability  x,y: < 0.0005*
 Flicker messurement  ± 5%
 Flicker range  5-200Hz
 Weight  214 g
 Dimension (LxBxH)  68,5 x 17 x 189 mm
* In Precision Mode (@ 1.000 lux Standard Light Source)
  • Soft case for secure storage and transportation
  • A stand for separate use of sensor and iPod touch
  • Integrated iPod touch
  • Parts / fixing screws
  • Fanny Pack
  • PC Software Spectrum Genius
  • Battery charger
  • Tripod-Adapter for mobile stand

Software description (App for Android / iOS):

All measurement results of the spectrometer are presented immediately after a measure
by a free app and this in clear, colored charts on the iPod.
To change the display is possible via "finger slide". For a detailed overview of the
possibilities and available apps, compatibility, please visit the product page.

Light spectrometer LightingPassport Flagship Set screenshotsSpectral measurement with LightingPassport flagship

Software requirements (SGM): Android 4.4.2 and Bluetooth 4.0 or iOS (from 4S)

PC Software for further analysis:

The comprehensive Software "Spectrum Genius" is in addition and for free with in the order package.
This program allows you to analyse your measurements (even more than one time) on the PC.
With a few clicks, the software "Spectrum Genius" created a professional measurement protocol.

Handheld light meter LightingPassport for Spectrum Genius

Additional functions of the free app SGM to manage the spectrophotometer sensor:

Smart Pass
(Measurements sending from phone to phone)
GPS Orientation
(Light measurement with position memory)

Measurement data can be send via email.
If the receiver  obtained the app SGM,
he can open, via email, receiving measurements
with this app.

Depending on the settings, are the measurement protocol automatically
added with GPS data to the place where the measurement was done.
With SGPC you can look at where it was the last time you did a measure.
Especially for street lighting a useful function.

Lighting Passport Smart Pass function Lighting Passport GSP Orientation

Look for "Asensetek" in AppStore ( Play Goals. You will find more compatible and useful apps for this spectrometer:

  • SGT - Spectrum Genius Transmission (Created diagram for wavelength-dependent light transmittance of, for example, PMMA, PC)
  • SGAL - Spectrum Genius Agricultural Lighting (A must have for greenhouse operators) Analyzed photon current density as a function and compares with references spectra for a optimum illumination
  • SGS - Spectrum Genius Studio (for film and photo friends is this one indispensable complete representation of TLCI parameters
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