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4-channel DALI dimmer for 12V and 24V / DT8 mode 8006504-channel LED dimmer 800650:... more

4-channel DALI dimmer for 12V and 24V / DT8 mode

8006504-channel LED dimmer 800650:

  • 4-channel LED dimmer for constant voltage
  • control only by DALI with SELV potential,
  • 4 channels with consecutive addresses, adjustable:
    ?Press a button for a long time until display flashes (address of first channel).
    ? press right/left to set
    ?Press long to save or address by DALI Control.

4-channel LED dimmer DALI2 DT8 808660:

  • 4-channel DALI² DT8 LED dimmer for LEDs for constant voltage.
  • Suitable for control via CASAMBI interfaces in DT8 mode
  • Controlled only by DALI with SELV potential
  • DALI Select start address (4 consecutive addresses):
    - press right button (0..9) long until display flashes (address of first channel)
    - press right / left to set
    - press right long to save
    - or addressing by DALI Control
  • Set operating mode:
    - Press both buttons long until display flashes, press one button to select working mode
    - nn: for single-colour LED strips, all channels the same
    - R9: for RGBW LED bands
    - 7c: for Tunable White LED bands
    - H4: for settings via XY-coordinate
    - Press and hold both buttons to confirm selection

Specifications of the 4-channel LED dimmers:

Product No. 808660 (DT8 Version) 800650 800651 (only on request)
Type DU4DA8-14-480
4-channel DALI²
DT8 LED dimmer
4-channel DALI
LED Dimmer
Input voltage 12..24 VDC 12..24 VDC 12..24 VDC
Output voltage 12..24 VDC 12..24 VDC 12..24 VDC
Output power at 12V 4x60 W4x60 W 4x60 W 4x96 W
Output power at 24V 4x120 W 4x120 W 4x192 W
PWM frequency 1500 Hz 2000 Hz 2000 Hz
Control current max. 2 mA 1,5 mA 1,5 mA
Max. Rated temperature tc 75 °C 75 °C 75 °C

170 x 53 x 29 mm

178x46x20 mm 170x59x29 mm

For more information please refer to the data sheets in the Download-Tab.

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Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Constant Voltage: 12V, 24V
Dimmable/Control: DALI, DALI2, DALI DT8
Color Temperature/Color: RGBW/4-Ch
Power range: 50 - 100 W, 100 - 250 W
Data sheet LED Dimmer 800650
Datasheet LED Dimmer 4 Channel DALI
Datasheet LED Dimmer 808660
Datasheet LED Dimmer 4 Kanal DALI2 DT8
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