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High precision - the MAVOLUX 5032-B/C USB illuminance meter Every version can be used as a... more

High precision - the MAVOLUX 5032-B/C USB illuminance meter

Every version can be used as a luxmeter without classification by means of a additionally obtainable luminance attachment. The measured value (luminance) is the light effect, that comes from a reflecting or luminating surface and is measured in foot-lambert (fL) or candela per square meter (cd/m²).

This very exact luxmeter is available in class C or B, in accordance with the DIN 5032-7, DIN EN 13032-1 appendix B and CIE 69. Every model has a cosine-correction and a V(?) adjustment. The precise measurement, delivers the illuminance of artificial light sources or even daylight. Even with head light illumination and very strong daylight you don't need any accessory.

The versions of the luxmeter by GOSSEN

Very high accuracies according to class B, are mainly necessary for inspection and certification purposes, which the MAVOLUX 5032 B USB delivers perfectly. Due to the measuring range with a quite high starting sensitivity of 0,01 lx measurements with very small illumination levels can be implemented. The MAVOLUX 5032 B USB includes 5 measuring ranges by means of a typical V( ?)-adjustment (f1') of < 3% and has a pluggable measuring line. Even emergency lightning can be analized easily with this. As with other products of the Gossen company, with a push of the HOLD-button the measuring values are saved and the display lightning is turned on.

The MAVOLUX 5032 C USB is mostly used as measuring instrument for standart purposes, which class C is perfect for. With the smallest of 4 measuring ranges you can begin with a starting sensitivity of 0,1 lx. The tolerance of the V(?) adjustment f1’ < 7,5 % is significantly better, than the error limit which is anchored in class C of the DIN norm. The MAVOLUX 5032 C USB includes 4 measuring ranges and has a firmly attached measuring line.

Calibration of the Mavolux 5032-B/C USB luxmeter

The precision through calibration is very important for the manufacturer. A works calibration certificate or a DAkkS calibration certifacte can be acquired optionally at GOSSEN. The GOSSEN company recommends - depending on the operating conditions - a calibration interval of 12 - 24 months. The following calibration certificates are available on request: factory certificate - H997B and DAkkS certificate - H997D


  • Easy feature enhancement: Unclassified measuring of the luminance in cd/m2 or fL is possible via luminance attachment. An additional adapter disc prevents from incorrect measurements because of lateral light incidence. 
  • Comfortable every day use: Easy operation, perfectly legible display, compact construction form,  protected transport in a high quality aluminium suitcase.
  • Wide measuring range: High starting sensitivity and resolution of 0,01 lx resp. 0,001 fc of the MAVOLUX 5032 B USB up to higher illumination levels of 199900 lx bzw. 19990 fc.
  • Permanent Storage: 100 measured values can be saved, retrieved or transferred to a computer via USB-interface. Even middle illumination levels are calculable by this.
  • Highest Precision: Classified measuring of the illumination level in lx or fc according to class B or class C accorting to DIN 5032-7, DIN EN 13032-1 appendix B and CIE 69.
  • Computerised measurement: The continuous operation of the measure is assured through an USB interface. The measure control, as well as the registration, presentation and storage of the measured values happens with the supplied software GLUX 2.
  • Cosine-correction: The brightness of a flat measuring surface is proportional to the cosine of the light incidence angle. This context is considered in the valuation of the receiver.
  • V(?) adjustment: The spectral sensation of the silicon-photodiode is color corrected and corresponds with the spectral brightness sensation of the human eye V(?). The quality of the adjustment is a significant difference between the class B and class C model.
  • Delivery:

    Standard Equipment:

    - Aluminium Case
    - Battery
    - Protective cover cap
    - Standard Software on CD-ROM
    - USB cable
    - Instruction Manual

    Optional Equipment - get here:

    - Luminance Attachment cd/m² and fL (Order Code M516G)

    Measures the reflected light, i.e. the luminance of a surface with a measuring angle
    10 approx. 15°. By a micro switch the MAVOLUX automatically detects the luminance
    attachment screwed onto the light measuring probe. The measured luminance value is
    displayed correctly in value and unit.
    Please keep in mind that the luminance attachment is adapted to the light collector of
    10 mm, older luminance attachments can not be used!
    The luminance attachment can not be used for classified luminance measurements!

    - Adapter disc for Luminance attachment (Order Code M499G)

    The adapter disk may easily be plugged onto the luminance attachment.
    * For all kinds of screens the light of the room will be shielded. The measuring results
    will be more precise if you use the adapter disc.
    * On sensitive surfaces the contact pressure is reduced by the big surface of the adapter
    disc. Therefore, the risk of damage during the measurement will be reduced considerably.

    - Special cable length

    Extends the cable between the base and the measuring unit. Available in 3.5 and 10 meters.
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21 Mar 2020

Class C oder B war unsere Frage

Als Lichtberater brauchten wir ein zertifiziertes Gerät. Auf Anfrage gab es das auch hier. Haben uns dann für C entschieden. Das Zertifikat war wichtig.

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