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MAXI JOLLY DALI H 65 - Dimmable constant current LED driver with DIP-SWITCH Multi-current or... more

MAXI JOLLY DALI H 65 - Dimmable constant current LED driver with DIP-SWITCH

Multi-current or multi-voltage LED converter dimmable - universal use in indoor areas. This driver is ideally protected against overheating, overcharging and current peaks and can therefore be used for lighting equipment of protection class 1.

Other features:

Multipower driver with DIP switch to select the output current.

  • Indoor IP-20 independent driver (DC MAXI JOLLY DALI H / 2
  • Class 1 protection against electric shock for direct or indirect contact (DC MAXI JOLLY DALI H / 2)
  • Built-in driver (DC MAXI JOLLY DALI HBI)
  • It can be used for protection class 1 lighting devices.
  • Active Power Factor Corrector
  • Analog input (NTC) for connecting a heat sensor
  • Auxiliary output 12 V max. 100 mA
  • Current regulation + - 5% including temperature fluctuations
  • Input and output terminal blocks on the same side
  • Clamping screws on the primary and secondary circuit
  • Thermal protection = C.5.a

MAXI JOLLY DALI H 65 127074 127054

Dip-SW Power
127074 / 127054
V out DC I out DC
Stellung 1 25 W 10...70 V 350mA const
Stellung 2 31 W 10...70 V 450 mA const
Stellung 3 35 W 2...70 V 500mA const
Stellung 4 38 W 2...69 V 550 mA const
Stellung 5 41 W 2...68 V 600 mA const
Stellung 6 48 W 2...69 V 700 mA const
Stellung 7 52 W 2...66 V 800 mA const
Stellung 8 60 W 2...66 V 900 mA const
Stellung 9 63 W 2...66 V 950 mA const
Stellung 10 65 W 2...62 V 1,05 A const
Stellung 11 65 W 2...54 V 1,2 A const

Operation Mode for 127054 / 127074

  • Light regulation 0/0,5 - 100 % by means of PUSH function, 0/1...10 V interface (I = 1 mA) or 100 Kohm potentiometer and DALI.
    • Features DALI dimming:
      - memory function for sets or light groups
      - recall of stored functions;
      - compatible with standard DALI interfaces.
  • Light regulation 0/0,5 - 100 % by means of PUSH function (mains voltage):
      - a short push to turn on and off;
      - a longer push to increase or decrease light intensity;
      - regulation automatically stops at minimum and maximum values;
      - for another on, regulation or off command, release the push button and give the desired command again.
  •  Possibility to use PUSH function to 4/5 drivers without sync cable.
  • Maximum length of the cable, from push button to last driver, must be max. 15 m / 49 ft. In case of applications where the cable is longer than 15 m / 49 ft, keep this separate from the 110 - 240 Volt mains cable.
  • ATTENTION: only use normally open push buttons with no incorporated warning light.
  • Specific dimming terminal connection with a 0/1...10 Vdc electronic potentiometer (0/1...10 V local dimming, double insulation required for external connection).
  • Max. 10 synchronised drivers of which only one can be controlled (1 Master + 9 Slaves).
  • Synchronization cable is separately supplied. For additional details for regulations see pages info12-14.

For more information see in our Download Tab.

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MAXI JOLLY DALI H 65 - Dimmable constant current LED driver with DIP-SWITCH in a power range from... more
Features of the product family. Details on variants can be found in the description.
Application: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Power: 25W, 30W, 32W, 38W, 40W, 45W, 50W, 60W, 65W
Dimmable/Control: DALI, Push-Button
Constant Current: 0,5A, 0,6A, 0,7A, 0,8A, 0,9A, 0,35A, 0,45A, 0,55A, 0,95A, 1,05A, 1,2A
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