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TCI MAXI JOLLY HV DALI 60 | 127409 |151409

Product information "TCI MAXI JOLLY HV DALI 60 | 127409 |151409"

DC MAXI JOLLY HV DALI 60 | high voltage LED driver

High-quality TCI LED driver with 60 Watt, constant current and high voltage output (up to 112 Volt maximum).
Due to the high voltage, approx. 30 LEDs can be operated in series with this converter. A series connection of several LED recessed spotlights to a single driver is also possible.

The connected lighting can be dimmed via DALI interface, with 1-10V signal or push-button function.

More highlights of TCI 127409 and TCI151409:

  • Multi-Power-Converter - universally applicable. Ext. temperature sensor optional.
  • Control via DALI, 1-10 Volt interface or button.
  • On/Off with short key press, brightness change via held button.
  • Large selection of constant currents adjustable via dip switches
    • Currents from 250mA to 700mA (see table below)
  • 12V AUX output
  • Overvoltage protection up to 3.5-4kV
  • Active PFC
  • Flicker (output ripple) <= 3%

TCI 127409 (up to 60 W) is the technologically improved successor to the #122409 and its innovation is the combination of PWM and AM control. This so-called hybrid control ensures absolutely flicker-free light in the range of 100% - 25% by linear control. Only in the range below 25% to 1% the known PWM control is switched over. Thus, the advantages of both methods are used. (Default dimming AM+PWM: 1-25% PWM 2 kHz+25-100% AM (no master-slave operation!).)
By short-circuiting the NTC input when switching on, it is possible to switch between "PWM-only" (downwards compatible, necessary for use of sync lines) and hybrid operation. Confirmation by single flashing (PWM), double flashing (hybrid)

TCI151409 (up to 60W, absolutely flicker-free) is a pure linear controller. The LED current can be dimmed linearly (AM) from 100% to 1%. Perfectly suited for use with Dim2Warm. 100% camera-ready.
Attention: No master-slave operation via sync line possible.

As a proven multi-current converter - universally applicable. Also available as Built-In version (127409BI, 151409BI)

Specifications of the DC Maxi Jolly HV DALI:

Maxi Jolly HV DALI, 1...10V und Push buttonDALI Hochvolt Konstantstrom Treiber 151409

Dip-SWPerformanceSpg. sekCurrent sek# LED
Position 128 W20...112 V250mA const.max 30
Position 234 W20...112 V300mA constmax 30
Position 339 W20...112 V350mA constmax 30
Position 445 W20...112 V400mA constmax 28
Position 550 W20...112 V450mA constmax 27
Position 656 W2...112 V500mA constmax 25
Position 760 W2...110 V550mA constmax 22
Position 860 W2...100 V600mA constmax 20
Position 960 W2...92 V650mA constmax 20
Position 1060 W2...86 V700mA constmax 18

Efficiency of the DALI LED driver depending on power: 20W - 60W : >92%

TCI LED Treiber Maxi jolly hv DALI 127409

  • All TCI Maxi Jolly LED converters can be connected via sync cable in PWM mode. This makes it possible to control additional LED drivers via just one push-button or an LED driver DALI. Save costs!
  • Up to 10 LED converters (slave) can be operated via one master.
  • buttons and installation material are not included.

For a detailed description, please refer to the data sheet.

History of this proven TCI Driver:

TCI 122409  with up to 50 watts. Constant current or voltage. All adjustable via dip-switches. Current control via PWM
The LED current is regulated without exception via pulse width modulation (PWM).

Properties "TCI MAXI JOLLY HV DALI 60 | 127409 |151409"
·Power range: 20 - 50 W
·Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, DALI, DALI2, Push-Button
·Constant Current: 0,25A, 0,3A, 0,35A, 0,4A, 0,45A, 0,5A, 0,55A, 0,6A, 0,65A, 0,7A


is one of the leading manufacturers based in Italy and known for a wide range of LED converters, electronic ballasts and LED drivers. TCI attaches great importance to quality and reliability. Experience and trustworthiness are the keys to TCI's success.
For more than 10 years we have been offering more than 100 products from the manufacturer in Saronno/Italy (TCI IT) for Germany and Europe.

Below is our portfolio of products. Tip: Use the filter function to quickly find the driver you need, or give us a call.

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Switch-Dim Resync Manual
Datasheet Maxi Jolly HV DALI 60W

127409, 151409, 127409BI, 151409BI

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FAQs zu Netzteile, Konverter, Treiber (CC) oder Trafo (CV)
Dieser FAQ-Abschnitt behandelt Fragen rund um Unterschiede und Anwendungsbereiche von verschiedenen Netzteil-Ausführungen wie LED-Treiber oder -Trafo anhand der Merkmale wie Konstantstrom/-Spannung mit Einheiten Volt bzw. Ampere/Milli-Ampere.

Power supply buying guide - Find the right and best power supply for your LED system

In the following table we explain what is important and what the main differences are. Basically all LED DC power supplies must comply with DIN61347. Only then they are allowed to be used with LEDs. A feature we pay attention to.

Overview of relevant performance characteristics of LED power supplies
Power supply typesLED transformer
Constant voltage power supply*)
LED driver
Constant current power supply
Main feature:
Voltage (Volt)
impressed/fixed, constant.
Example values: 12Volt, 24V, 48V
depending on the connected LED module, LED spot, LED string.
Specifications correspond to a "working range",
determined by the number of LEDs. (independent of the current).
Example values: 350mA/700mA .... 1050mA
Main feature: Current (amps, milliamps)depending on the number and power of the connected e.g. LED strips.
(can be set to a max. value with some power supplies).
set current is fixed.
Drives (!) a defined current through the LED string.
Power (Watt)16W to 600W 1,4W to 100W
Areas of application:Low voltage LED modules, LED boards with integrated electronics for the LEDs.
Main application: LED strips, LED strips, as well as their control electronics.
Pure COB LED chips, LED ceiling recessed spotlights, LED boards in luminaires for direct constant current operation. It is mandatory to pay attention to the current specification.
Flicker/DimmingOutput brightness control via PWM (pulse width control). Flicker depending on modulation method and frequency.Mostly PWM control, is increasingly replaced by versch. innovative solutions such as hybrid dimming or completely flicker-free linear control (AM, - amplitude modulation). (Look for the "AM" symbol).
LichtsteuerungLichtsteuerungLight controlFor both types brightness control via common technologies such as phase dimming, DALI, 0/1-10V, touch dimming, or control via radio (Casambi, Bluetooth, Enocean, Zigbee) is possible.
(Use our filter function to quickly narrow down)
HousingAvailable housing forms are sheet metal, aluminum and plastic housings, fully encapsulated with high IP protection, as a device with strain relief (for e.g. operation as an external power supply in false ceilings) or as a recessed version for integration into an LED luminaire system.
Versions in plug form, top-hat rail or box installation are also available.
CoolingAll our devices in the store are quiet power supplies and work with passive cooling. During operation, we recommend compliance with the test point Tc specified maximum temperature. This ensures a long service life.
Power supply manufacturer in store
(only renowned Brands)
Meanwell, Pur-LED, Arditi, Lunatone, TCI, Eldoled, Enertex, Code Mercenaries, Tridonic
alternative namesLED power supply, LED transformer, DC power supply, mains transformer, transformer power supply, fixed voltage power supply, electronic transformer, constant voltage sourceConstant current source, constant current Driver,

*) Attention: These are direct current (DC) power supplies and differ in application from alternating current transformers as with specifications of 12V AC.
It is imperative to pay attention to the exact specification on the lamp.

For closer containment, we have set up filter functions on our pages for closer containment and is highly recommended by us. You are also welcome to send us a mail for further help.

In the past, there were lamps for operation on 230V (HV) or also for e.g. 12V low voltage. The lamps were designed accordingly and could be easily replaced. 
To operate 12V lamps, for example, a power supply unit, or transformer for short, was required to transform the 230V voltage to 12V.
With the advent of LED technology, many new operating modes became established.
Replacement LED lamps in particular (e.g. with GU5.3 base) still require a transformer. So-called LED transformers were developed due to the now lower output and a previously high minimum load. While other LED concepts are replacing the LED lamps for replacement and producing special LED drivers for direct operation of the LEDs.

LED transformers are specially designed for constant voltage operation of LED systems and supply a fixed voltage at the output, e.g. 12V or 24V.
A distinction is also made here between 12VAC (for e.g. 12V LED lamps, usually referred to as retrofit lamps) or 12V DC or 24V DC for operating mostly LED strips/LED tapes. 
The voltage is constant (CV=constant voltage) and the current (mA) depends on the power of the connected lamps. 
LED drivers, on the other hand, provide a constant current (e.g. 350mA). The reason for this is the special (U/I) characteristic curve of a diode, especially a light-emitting diode (LED). If operated with a constant voltage, the current would change considerably, even to the point of destruction, in the event of the slightest instability in the voltage or even ageing or temperature changes. For this reason, the current is limited or kept constant. An LED driver drives a constant current through the LED(or several LEDs connected in series). The voltage that then "drops" at the LED ("forward voltage") or the sum of these is then the voltage measured at the output of a driver. The power supply unit must be able to provide this. This is why voltage ranges are often specified here. The current is constant (CC=constant current) and the voltage depends on the characteristics of the LED system (number of LEDs).

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