350mA Constant Current Sources for Illuxtron Mini DL Series

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350mA constant current driver for Illuxtron Mini Downlights Fluxe 35/50, Fabio 35, Omega... more

350mA constant current driver for Illuxtron Mini Downlights Fluxe 35/50, Fabio 35, Omega 35/50, Linea 68

Illuxtron exclusively uses 350mA constant current drivers from renowned manufacturers. The service life of LED constant current drivers significantly determines the service life of a lighting system, as well as the flicker of LED luminaires.

Illuxtron pays attention to the following properties with regard to the 350mA constant current sources:
  • Conformity with health standards
  • suitability for photo and video
  • overvoltage protection
  • Higher luminous efficacy thanks to ripple-free drivers
  • Protection against overheating
  • Adherence to EU standards
Other details for Illuxtron LED Power Supplies

Dimmability and use of 350mA CC power supplies

To operate the Illuxtron Mini Downlights, the manufacturer offers various 350mA LED drivers.
The advantage of serial wiring lies in the best possible dimmability by means of constant current control and the associated high efficiency for best efficiency of the overall system.
The number of possible luminaires per power supply depends on the performance of the respective ballast. Here we offer different versions of different manufacturers and designs. The sum of all forward voltages of the LED spots is decisive. This must be smaller than the max. Vf  (see table) of the LED driver.
350mA power supplies for Illuxtron mini downlights

Technical data of the constant current drivers for 350 mA:

Description PSU 32W 350mA Triac PSU 32W 350mA Dali PSU 32W 350mA 1-10V & Push PSU 50W 350mA DALI / 1-10V & Push
Article number 05CG03MLMD00 05CJ03MLMD00 05CH03MLMD00 05CM03MLMD00
Watt 32 W (47Vf) 32 W (48Vf) 32 W (53Vf) 50 W (74Vf)
Current intensity 350 mA
Efficiency 85% 87% 90% 89%
Pf 0,97 0,98 0,95 0,95
Ripple < 3%
Input voltage 220-240 V
Weight 185 g 138 g 138 g 218 g
Input current 5A 50µS 5A 50µS 5A 50µS 20A 400µS
B-16A Fuse 50 pcs 50 pcs 50 pcs 15 pcs
Dimensions mm 166x46x34 103x67x21 103x67x21 124x79x22

Application possibilities

The constant current drivers are suitable for Fluxe 35, Fluxe 50, Fabio 35, Omega 35, Omega 50 and Linea 68. Data sheets of the constant current drivers see Download Tabs: 
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350mA constant current sources suitable for Illuxtron Fluxe 35/50, Fabio 35, Omega 35/50, Linea 68 more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Dimmable/Control: 1..10V, DALI, Phase-Cut (Triac), Push-Button
Data sheet constant current source
Data sheet fot Art.No. 05CG03MLMD00, 05CJ03MLMD00, 05CH03MLMD00, 05CM03MLMD00
Datasheet for Fluxe 35 series
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