eldoLED LINEARdrive 100 DALI/DMX

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  • LIN100-A1
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eldoLED LINEARdrive 100 LED driver Dimmable constant voltage LED driver with 4 LED... more

eldoLED LINEARdrive 100 LED driver

Dimmable constant voltage LED driver with 4 LED outputs that can be controlled individually via DMX or DALI. 100W

LINEARdrive 100 led driver have four separately controllable LED outputs, which can be used for wide range of full-colour (RGBW), dynamic LED lighting applications.

You can configure the driver over its intuitive, 3-button user interface with display:

  • The number of channels
  • DMX or DALI settings
  • Colour and dim values

The LINEARdrive 100 Series is available in 3 different versions, which differ only in dimensions and weight:

 eldoLED POWERdrive 106 DALI/DMX

Furthermore, e.g. an astronomical clock (night-time reduction) or a motion sensor can be connected to the external input.

Technical Data eldoLED LINEARdriver 100:

 Input voltage AC

 120-250V (ENEC approved)

 120-277V (UL approved)

 Input voltage DC  120-275V
 Input  current

 1.05A max @ 120V/60Hz

 0.5A max @ 230V/50Hz

 0.45A max @ 277V/60Hz

 RGBW @ 12V  2.08A per output
 RGB @ 12V  2.76A per output
 RGBW @ 24V  1A per output
 RGB @ 24V  1.33A per output
 LED output voltage  12V, 24V
 LED output current  2.8A max.
 LED Outputs  4
 Control channels  4
 Dimming protocol  DMX and DALI
 Dimming range  100%-0% (HydraDrive)
 Dimming curve  linear, logarithmic, square
 Driver configuration  via 3-button user interface on driver
 Weight  705g / 880g
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eldoLED LINEARdrive 100 dimmable LED driver - DMX and DALI, 720 Watt, 4 constant voltage LED... more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Constant Voltage: 12V, 24V
Application/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (Indoor)
Dimmable/Control: DALI, DMX
Color Temperature/Color: RGB, RGBW
Tech sheet LINEARdrive 100
Quick Start Guide
wiring diagram
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