LED-Dimmer 12-48V up to 576 W with push button, DALI

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LED-Dimmer 144W to 576W - for constant voltage, with push button & DALI control For LEDs... more

LED-Dimmer 144W to 576W - for constant voltage, with push button & DALI control

For LEDs that operate at constant voltage, this is the ideal dimmer. It has a large number of control options, such as an external button, control voltage or DALI control. The different operating modes of the LED dimmer are to be set by dip-switches and jumpers. 

Further features:

  • LED dimmer is controllable by:
    • DALI² LED dimmer for constant voltage
    • Push button (for SELV, or 230 Vac, galvanically seperated from SELV; with permanent memory)
    • Control voltage 0-10V and 1-10V
    • Slave mode
  • Operation modes (to be set with dip switches and jumpers before power-on):
    • Slave Set 1: To be set with 800980 and 800981 as Master
    • ON/OFF: Press one: on/off
    • PUSH: as ON/OFF; press and hold: brighter and darker, at max/min level: dimming is reserved. Min..Max: 10 seconds
    • PUSH FAST: as PUSH; but Min..Max: 5 second
    • PUSH UP/DOWN: as PUSH FAST; but stop at max. or min.
    • DALI²: Controlled by DALI, at absence of DALI signal: dim level 100%. Do not use with ABB DALI controllers!
    • 0-10 V: Minimum at 0,5 V
    • 1-10 V: Minimum at 1 V (Potentiometer 100 K? or electronic (potential free): J1, or potential carrying controller: J2)
    • Slave Set 2: To be set with 800638 and 800632 as Master
  • Slave synchronised via PWM control cable (recommended: shielded; max. 50 slaves)


Technical data:

Article number 800981
Type DUXNSPDAM18-576
Input voltage 12..48 Vdc
Output voltage 12..48 Vdc
Max. output power at 12 V 144 W
Max. output power at 24 V 288 W
PWM frequency 244 Hz / 2000 Hz
Control current max. 1,3 mA
Ambient temperature -25..+50 °C
Rated max. temperature 75 °C
Dimenions 164×38×24,5 mm

For further information please refer to the data sheet in the Download tab.

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Versatile LED dimmer for constant voltage, with button (permanent memory) or DALI, 12-48V, 144W... more
Features/tags of this product family. Please refer about the details in the description or datasheet.
Konstantspannung: 12V, 48V
Verwendung/IP-Code: IP20 - IP44 (indoor)
Dimmbarkeit/Steuerung: 0/1..10V, DALI, DALI2, PWM, Tast-Dimmen
Data sheet LED Dimmer
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