Casambi Bluetooth Dimmer via phasecut

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Bluetooth Dimmer using phasecut CBU-TED High quality and compact Bluetooth phasecut-dimming... more

Bluetooth Dimmer using phasecut CBU-TED

High quality and compact Bluetooth phasecut-dimming CBU TED by Casambi. It can be replaced with traditional
switch, only one installation in a switch case or a ceiling connection with lamps.

Bluetooth Phasenabschnitts-Dimmer CBU-TED - Licht über Bluetooth dimmen

Bluetooth dimmer for actuating LED and halogen lamps

With your smartphone or tablet, you can dim lamps, actuate switches, create light scenes and form desired
lighting effects. You need only a Bluetooth 4.0 connection and the appropriate app from Casambi.

The activation of the Casambi CBU TED via Bluetooth 4.0 saves complicated installation of cables.
The Bluetooth wireless Mesh-Network allows to control several lighting units.

You have lights or lamps and want instead a wall dimmer (trailing edge dimmer) to control the brightness
from your mobile phone? A Bluetooth dimmer like this one works instead of a wall dimmer. Connect the
Bluetooth dimmer between a switch and light lamps. Now you have a smart lighting control in your house.

An additional highlight:

Dimming the lights with your conventional light switch:

Casambi Bluetooth Unit dimmen mit dem Lichtschalter

1. Switch on illumination with a usually switch.
2. Short off and on again withing 1 second. The illumination slowly dims up.
3. Another short off and on again at the desired dimming level. The current dimming value is stored.
4. If the second off / on is not switched between 8 seconds, will the illumination dim up to 100%.

All product by Casambi family have following features:

  • Creates automatically a wireless Mesh-Network with other Casambi products.
  •  Wireless control using the free Casambi App for smartphones and tablets.
  • Integrate the use of regular wall switches for dimming and scene control.
  • Support for external on / off motion sensors.

Compatible devices and minimum requirements for Casambi App:

Android  iOS 
 min. Android 4.4 KitKat with Bluetooth 4.0 from iPhone 4S
 recommended: Android 5.0 Lollipop with Bluetooth 4.0 from iPad 3
 or current Android versions from iPod 5

These functions does the freed Casambi App:

  • Dimming of single or multiple lights with simple touch gestures.
  • Controlling the lighting of your stores, offices, or personal spaces.
  • Installation of single or complex scenarios with one or more lightings.  
  • Define the security of the network. There are four different levels of security for access control.
  • Also support Philips HUE.

Specifications of Casambi CBU ASD Bluetooth Unit:

 Input voltage  85-240VAC (50-60Hz)
 Max. input voltage  0,65A
 Standby power  < 300mW
 Max. power

Incandescent and high voltage halogen bulbs:
150 W @ 230 VAC
High voltage AC LED modules:
150 W @ 230 VAC
Dimmable LED and CFL bulbs:
50 W @ 230 VAC
Dimmable electronic transformers:
50 W @ 230 VAC

 Minimum load  1W
 Max. current  0,65A
 Radio transceiver  
 Frequency range  2,4-2,483 GHz
 Max. output power  +4 dBm
 Mechanical data  
 Dimensions  40,4x36,3x14,0 mm
 Weight  15g
 Protection  IP20

For further technical data please refer to data sheet:


Casambi App in Appstore
Casambi App for Android


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Customer evaluation for "Casambi Bluetooth Dimmer via phasecut"
21 Oct 2016

Perfekt! Anschließen, App laden, Bluetooth einschalten, Gruppe anlegen (auch bei nur einer Leuchte), ggf. noch Szenen einrichten => FERTIG! Perfekt.
Ja es ist wirklich sehr einfach. Ganz ohne Kenntnisse über einen Stromkreislauf und etwas experimentier Freude geht es nicht. Doch die App ist wirklich einfach, die Bluetooth Verbindung innerhalb des Raumes und auch aus dem Nebenraum funktioniert sehr gut. Das Licht lässt sich wie beschrieben auch mit einem Schalter weiterhin ein- und ausschalten. Man muss also die vorhandene Elektrik nicht ab- oder um klemmen. Und die Abmessungen sind sehr klein, sollte fast überall, selbst im Leuchten Sockel oder hinter dem Schalter platz finden. Wir haben zwar jetzt nur Leuchte (Deckenleuchte LED 48W) die wir steuern, das aber macht schon Lust auch mehr. Die Funktion Szene ermöglicht selbst bei einer Leuchte die Licht Helligkeit so vor einzustellen, wie man es mag. Wir sind begeistert.

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