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Battery-free radio switch for Casambi

Product information "Battery-free radio switch for Casambi"

Casambi battery-free wall switch

General information about the wall switches:

  • Radio switches for controlling Casambi devices have up to four freely programmable buttons
  • Battery-free, as the energy is generated by an electrodynamic energy generator (Enocean technology) when the button is pressed
  • Casambi wall switch/radio switch is maintenance free (no battery replacement)
  • Due to the ability to be battery-less, it can be mounted flexibly
  • The middle part can be used in frames from other switch series of the frame size 55x55mm (Jäger Direkt, Mertens, Gira, etc.)

Setup and operating instructions:

  • Initial programming must be done via tablet with NFC interface or smartphones with Android operating system
  • For installation: Set network mode to "balanced"
  • After successful setup with Android devices, the switch can also be managed and programmed with iOS systems

Technical data for the Casambi wall switch:

Variation2 Buttons/single rocker4 Buttons/double rocker
Product number808922 (White)*
808994+808923 (Anthracite)
808924 (White)*
808994+808923 (Anthracite)
Radio signal2,402 - 2,48 GHz, Casambi Low Energy (BLE)
Reachup to 10 meters in a room
Lifespan> 50,000 switching operations
Ambient temperature-20 - 65°C
Dimensions81 x 81 x 14mm
Dimension middle part55 x 55 x 14mm

*Radio modul 808923 already included

casambi ready 808922 808924 808992 808994 808923

Manufacturer video about the product (Arditi 808922, 808924)

Properties "Battery-free radio switch for Casambi"
·Dimmable/Control: BT4.0 (2,4 GHz), Casambi radio, Push-Button
Manufacturer "Arditi GmbH Lighting Components"

Arditi GmbH is a subsidiary of the Italian Arditi Spa near Bergamo. The range is broadly diversified and includes switches, dimmers, sockets, bases, wires, transformers and accessory. In the meantime, Arditi has made a name in the sector of LED-technology. The company offers LED-modules in various forms, transformers and drivers, as well as LED-suppliers.

Related links of the manufacturer

Data sheet for 808922,808924,808992,808994
EU declaration of conformity
Casambi-App manual

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From: Steffen

21 July 2023 14:18

Alles bestens, schnelle Lieferung

Gern wieder

From: Peter

26 July 2023 13:49


Insbesondere die Bertung ihres technischen Dienstes war mir wichtig und entscheidend für die Kaufentscheidung

From: Ansgar

17 March 2021 11:01

Funktioniert einwandfrei, habe deswegen einen zweiten Schalter gekauft. Kann so die Beleuchtung flexibel schalten.

From: Angela

14 April 2020 14:14

Moderne Wandschalter

Diese Wandschalter sind einfach ein must-have in einem modernen Haushalt. Installation ist sehr einfach und dank dem Video lief sie auch reibungslos ab.

From: Harald

19 April 2021 03:48


From: Heiko

5 June 2021 06:36


From: Ansgar

17 November 2020 23:44

Schalter funktioniert prima

From: Mario

23 November 2020 10:05


From: Thomas

18 September 2021 08:04


From: Ulrich

5 December 2020 00:49


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